Beating Winter Blues | 6 Ways To Stay Motivated During Winter

Winter is a really tough time for most people to keep training. The weather is bad and its darker earlier and a lot colder.

These tips will help you to stay motivated even when the odds are against you!

#1 Set some new goals

Goal setting is crucial to staying motivated, especially in times where it can be easier to avoid training like the winter time.

Set some short term goals such as increasing your deadlift or squat by a few pounds. This will give you some focus and a reason to keep going even when you are not in the humour of a training session.

Write your goals down in a training journal and consider the timeframe in which you want to achieve them. Keep them simple and realistic for best results.

#2 Buy some new gym gear

winter gym motivation gym tops

It isn’t very appealing to go out into the depths of winter at the best of times, let alone if you are nit dressed suitably. Consider investing in some winter proof gym gear, especially if you are training outdoors. In the bitter cold, short shorts might not be the most comfortable attire if the temperatures are dropping. Keep yourself warm and consider investing in some long leggings and hoodies.

Even if you are training indoors, there is a lot to be said for keeping toasty and comfortable during training, especially if your gym does not make good use of their heating system in the colder months. Buying some new gym gear can really give you a boost as you will look forward to wearing it and this will help motivate you to train.

#3 Treat yourself when you reach your goals

Give yourself a treat when you reach your goals!

This does not have to be food related and can be in the form of something small like a new top or toiletries to put in your gym bag for after training.

As soon as you reach a goal, set a new one to keep up the momentum!

#4 Try some new recipes

christmas winter motivation training gluten free peanut butter cheesecake

Make our No-bake, Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cheesecake!

Many people associate winter time with comfort food and weight gain as a result of over indulging – but this does not have to be the case. Consider looking up seasonal recipes using fresh produce. You will not only expand your cooking and baking skills but you will also be able to add some variety into your diet.

There is a great sense of achievement in baking or cooking a new meal – you can even adapt the recipes of some of your favourite traditional comfort foods to suit your goals and macros! This will make it easy to reach your goals and eliminate any deprivation.

#5 Keep a record of your progress

christmas winter motivation training

Keeping track of your progress is essential to your success and is also extremely motivating in itself.

When you start to see little changes happening you will get the training bug and this will help to keep you motivated even when the weather is bleak outside. Make use of the measuring tape and take some measurements.

Take progress pictures and also keep track of what you are lifting.

This will give you a sense of accountability and will also remind you of how far you have come when the going gets tough and you just don’t want to make it to those sessions.

#6 Keep your bedroom warm

Nobody likes getting out of their bed when it is freezing cold outside the covers. Make getting up a little easier by setting your heating to come on in your bedroom an hour before you get up.

If the transition from the duvet to getting out of bed into your room is not as tough, you will find it a lot less traumatic getting up in the mornings.

It can also help to leave your breakfast ready the night before and your gym bag packed so that all you have to do is throw on your gear, eat and go!

Take Home Message

It can be really tough to stay motivated in the winter, especially when it is dark and cold outside. These tips have really helped me to keep the momentum up year round.

Try incorporating a few into your daily routine so you can keep making progress even in the winter months.

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