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Written by Charlotte Campbell

Beach Workout

Holidays are often the main time we want to look our best. Your body is more on show, you take more photos – it’s a key time in the year that we remember when we’re looking back on our memories. However, it’s often the time we work out the least (or not at all) whilst totally deviating from a nutrition plan. Now, nobody’s suggesting that you spend your week in Ibiza eating kale and staying inside on the treadmill. But if you feel like you want to keep up your fitness levels while you’re away from home, there are some simple ways how you can get in your exercise on holiday, without even touching a hotel gym: 

#1 Pack Your Running Shoes


A morning run can be a brilliant way to start the day. The sun will be cooler than the rest of the day, and it’ll feel less like a chore than dragging yourself from a sunbed later on. Use your run to explore the town you’re in or your hotel complex. You might find a nice looking restaurant, or interesting monument you can tell your fellow travellers about. You’ll feel intrepid and healthy.

#2 Don’t Pack Your Running Shoes


Okay, bear with me. If you want to shake up your run, ditch the trainers and hit the beach. You’ll get a dose of sea air, and the crashing waves makes for a very romantic backdrop – much more exotic than your usual treadmill! Additionally, the resistance of the sand actually maximises the workout on your muscles. Try it and you’ll give you glutes and calves a thorough exercise. 



#3 Get Your Goggles On


Swimming is an excellent exercise on holiday. It works all your main muscle groups, and helps cool you down in the heat of the day. Hotel pools tend to get quieter from 4 pm onward as families leave to get ready for the evening, so this is a perfect time to get in some laps. If you fancy mixing it up and maximising your calorie burning potential, dive into the sea and do your swimming there. Swimming against the resistance of the tide makes your workout tougher, and choppy waters really engage your core to keep your course steady. Always check the flag system at the beach, though, to ensure it’s safe to go in the water.

#4 Initiate a Game


Beach football, volleyball and water polo are all popular holiday games, and they make a great source of holiday exercise, too. So get your travel companions motivated and let loose – some hotels include such games on their guest itinerary, so the hard work is done for you. 



#5 Use Your Body Weight


While it’s probably not practical to take a full sets of weights in your suitcase, there’s no reason you can’t use your body to work your muscles. Crunches, squats, push ups and lunges are all great sources of holiday exercises. Ramp up your usual routine to compensate for the lighter load, and you’ll avoid the usual post-holiday slump in power when you get back to your weights.

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