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Battle Cancer’s 9-Minute Functional Fitness Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Battle Cancer’s 9-Minute Functional Fitness Workout You Can Do Anywhere
Evangeline Howarth
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If you’re after a quick functional fitness workout, then you’ve come to the right place. This tough training session comes from Scott Britton, functional fitness pro and founder of the charity event Battle Cancer. With only one piece of equipment, you can do this workout anywhere — it’s the perfect way to start your training for a Battle Cancer event. So, let’s get started.

First off, pick one dumbbell weight that you can comfortably lift.

This is 9-minute workout with the aim to complete as many rounds of the following movements as possible, doing 8 reps of each.

1. Dumbbell snatch

From the floor raise the dumbbell above your head and swap hands to complete again.


2. Dumbbell lunges

Hold the dumbbell in a position you are comfortable this can be above head or held to the chest, then conduct alternative lunges forward swapping legs each rep touching your knee to the floor.


3. Dumbbell Squats

Hold the Dumbbell from the floor and close to your chest, then complete standing squats with the dumbbell held


4. Down ups

Drop to the floor chest and hips making contact on the floor, then step up using one leg forward and then drop down again to the chest and hips contacting the floor and step up using the alternative leg. Make this step up a wide and big lunge forward to stand up.


5. Press up dead stop

Drop to a plank position and begin the press up either in a full press up position or on your knees if you struggle to complete a full press up. Once your chest and hips make contact with the floor come to a stop before pressing up from the floor.


Take home message

Whether you're looking to take part in a Battle Cancer event, or simply want a great finisher for your workout, these moves are a great start to getting in shape for your functional fitness goals. Next time, try taking it up a notch with bigger weights, or squeezing in more sets.

Get involved with a Battle Cancer event.

Get Into Functional Fitness With Battle Cancer's Scott Britton

A community with a cause — this is the perfect intro to functional fitness.

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