Ask the Myprotein Coach


Are you unsure about your lifting technique? Do you need help with your diet plan? Whatever your query ‘ASK THE MYPROTEIN COACH’!

We understand that choosing the right training programme and diet plan can be tough, so we wanted to share our knowledge and help you on the path to success by answering your questions on a more personal level! Get your questions answered by a top strength and conditioning expert and take your training to new heights.

Simply send your questions to and each month we’ll choose 3 of the best questions to answer on The Zone. If featured, not only will you receive expert advice, but you’ll also receive a voucher* to spend on site – So what are you waiting for?


*1st prize £50 voucher – 2nd prize £30 voucher – 3rd prize £20 voucher.


ask The myprotein Coach


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