3 Arm Workouts For Strength & Muscle Growth


By UK Personal Trainer

Jamie Bantleman

When training your arms, it’s important to think about the way in which the muscle can move. The biceps muscles will be contracted by flexion at the elbow, and the triceps muscles will be contracted by extension at the elbow.

So – when performing a bicep curl, the best way in which to fully contract your bicep is by fixating your elbows, keeping your shoulders low and slowly raise the dumbbell or barbell to find maximal contraction at the bicep muscle without the shoulder joint being worked.

Similarly with the triceps, fixation of the elbow joint and only using your triceps to do the work by keeping your scapulae retracted, pecs up and allowing your elbows to completely extend out to find maximal contraction of the triceps.

Following on from this explanation, here I present 3 different ‘Arm Day Workouts’ to follow, working on different angles in which, ranges, time under tension and rest periods!

Arm Workouts for

Strength & Muscle Growth

As a part of your weekly training routine you could add in these 3 arm workouts.

alon gabby bicep curl

Looking a little like the following:


Arm Workout #1

Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 BB Close Grip Press 4 6-8 3010 30s
A2 EZ Preacher Curl 4 6-8 3110 100s
B1 EZ Bar Lying Tricep Extension 4 8-10 3110 30s
B2 DB Spider Curl 4 8-10 3010 100s
C1 Close Grip Press Up (on a bench if needed) 4 8-10 3010 30s
C2 Incline DB Curls 4 12-15 3010 100s
D1 Duel Rope Extension 4 20 3010 30s
D2 Straight Bar Cable Curl 4 20 3110 100s
E1 Single Arm Bicep Curl 1 5 mins 2010

Arm Workout #2

Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 EZ Bar Lying Tricep Extension 5 12-15 2020 30s
A2 EZ Preacher Curl 5 12-15 2020 100s
B1 Single Arm Tricep Extension w/cable 5 12-15 2020 30s
B2 BB Spider Curl 5 12-15 2020 100s
C1 Standing Tricep Extension with EZ Bar 5 12-15 2020 30s
C2 Cable Spider Curls 5 12-15 2020 100s
D1 Overhead Bicep Curl on a Lat Pull Down 1 50 2020 x

Arm Workout #3

Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Close Grip Banded Fat Gripz Press 5 20 3010 120s
A2 Close Grip Press Up 5 20 3010 120s
B1 EZ Bar Fat Gripz Preacher Curl 5 20 3010 10s
B2 Seated 1 1/4 Curl 5 20 3010 60s
C1 DB Lying Tricep Ext 5 20 3010 10s
C2 Duel Rope Extension 5 20 3110 60s
D1 BB Spider Curl 5 20 3010 10s
D2 BB Reverse Curl 5 20 3010 60s



muscle building supplements

On the day of performing a double session on arms be sure to take a great post-workout selection of supplements to ensure your recovery is good enough for the evening session to be effective!

For example:

BCAA 4:1:1 x 5 capsules

1 scoop of Whey Protein Isolate with water with 1 scoop of dextrose

2 scoops of Total Nutri Greens

Pre Workout supplements are also always used by my clients and I, my choice would be:

L-Carnitine x 2 capsules

1 scoop of Myamino Energy

Single shot of espresso (for extra caffeine if you’ve had a long day!)


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