Are You Logging Your Training? | See The Benefits

Written by Tom Macmillan, Natural World Champion Bodybuilder & Online Coach

Are You Logging Your Training?

Are you logging your training? If not, you could be doing your physique and performance injustice. Exercises, sets, reps, weight and even how it felt SHOULD be logged if you’re looking to maximize your time in the gym, here’s a few reasons why:


1) You’ll increase your learning: You learn more about how your body responds to certain training protocols, exercises, rep ranges etc.


2) It will save you time: You don’t need to wander around the gym thinking of what to do. It’s planned out in front of you! Look at your log book, step into the gym and follow it to the T.


3) It keeps you goal orientated: Your goal should always be progression in the weights room. You need to record to know where and how to progress. For example, if you bench press 100kg for 5 clean reps, then you know that you should be aiming for 102 for the next workout. Small wins add up quickly!

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4) You have more feedback for your coach / personal trainer: Not only does it help the trainee but it helps the trainer if you use one. The more information a coach can acquire the better results you will receive as a client.


5) It stops you programme hopping: Something I will do is add my workout programme for a few weeks into the book. That way I just need to enter the weights used and reps, this keeps me more inclined to following through with my programme.


6) It keeps you accountable: Very similar to the above, a log book may prevent you from ‘backing’ out of sets and may keep you accountable to your goals.


Make the log book a staple in your gym bag, when the book gets opened, you know what do, what you’ve done and what’s working!

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Faye Reid

Faye Reid

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