How Staying Fit Changes in Your 30s, 40s & 50s


By UK Personal Trainer

Jamie Bantleman

As we get older, our body’s go through different hormonal processes that cause us to make certain changes to the way in which we approach our training.

Changes To The Body

During Aging

Muscle Loss

During the aging process, something that can occur is Sarcopenia.

Clinical relevance for sarcopenia is defined by a loss in lean muscle mass and impairment of functional status.

A therapeutic approach to the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength in older persons depends on correct classification.

The term sarcopenia is reserved for age-related decline in muscle mass not attributable to the presence of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

For individuals with sarcopenia, the primary intervention should include resistance exercise. An improvement in muscle mass and strength has been demonstrated with resistance exercise, even in the very old (1)

Bone & Mineral Density


The ageing process also decreases bone and mineral density. It has been found that when you uptake a resistance training programme you are more likely to have improved bone and mineral density. It has also been found to improve the situation with those who have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia (2).

Female Specific


Menopause can occur anywhere between ages of 20-50, most commonly from 40 onward. This will mean that the oestrogen levels in females will drop significantly usually symbolising the end of fertility.

Asides from side effects such as hot flushes and emotional imbalances, the stress of the hormonal fluctuation causes an increase in cortisol which may increase body fat.

? Therefore, when working out throughout this period of time, you should aim to maintain a good quality training programme that will involve higher intensity workouts over a short period of time. This will help improve fat loss and manage cortisol levels in the body.


In terms of nutrition, maintaining a diet plan that includes high protein and healthy fats to ensure balanced blood sugar levels.

There is also the damages in which every day life can create, the stresses of work, bills, family and environmental stresses.

healthy fats

When we come out of our younger years, these types of stress levels create new barriers to overcome, it invariably means the levels of cortisol can increase through lack of sleep and other issues in which are created.

? Similarly to aiding of the other ageing effects, resistance training for a short period of time (30-45 mins) regularly will help maintain healthy levels of cortisol.

Male & Female Hormones

Testosterone decrease in men

The male androgen that increases muscle cell development, fat loss and in some cases cognition. As we get older, testosterone is effected and can be decreased especially in those who live a more sedentary lifestyle.

Often people are prescribed Dehydroepiandrosterone at a dosage of 200mg (close to max dosage) and appears to improve testosterone in men over 40 years old.

Further health supplements can be used to help improve testosterone production, such as Vitamin D and Zinc.

Estrogen imbalances in women

The female hormone that regulates the reproductive hormones alongside metabolic processes such as bone growth and cholesterol levels. It can also mediate fat metabolism and cognition.

However an excess in estrogen can lead to an increase in body fat percentage.

Supplements that could benefit women’s health include:


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Green Tea Extract

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Training Plans

Want to get back into – or start – getting into shape?
Try our example training plans below with a friend or partner!



Written as ‘3010’ or ‘3110’ or 4010’ etc.


This is when you lift a weight, you lower it down for 3 seconds, pause for 0 seconds and lift the weight to the top of the correct position in 1 second with no hold at the top.


This is when you lift a weight, lower down for 3 seconds, pause at the bottom position of 1 second to increase tension on the muscle at its toughest part of the repetition and then drive the weight upwards for 1 second.


Female Training Plan

Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 BB Back Squat 3 6-8 4010  60-120s
A2 Leg Curl toes pronated 3 6-8 3010  60-120s
B1 Reverse Hyperextension 3 12-15 3010  60-120s
B2 DB High Step Up 3 12-15 2010  60-120s
C1 Leg Extension 3 25 2010  60-120s
C2 BB Hip Extension 3 25 3110  60-120s
D1 Leg Press 3 25 3010  60-120s
D2 DB Walking Lunges 3 25 2010  60-120s
E1 Decline BB Sit Up 3 15 3110  60-120s
E2 Garhammers – med ball 3 15 3110  60-120s
E3 Sit up into oblique med ball twist 3 15 2010  60-120s
Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 DB Chest Press 4 6-8 4010  60-120s
A2 Negative Chin Ups 4 6-8 3010  60-120s
B1 Arnie Press 4 12-15 3010  60-120s
B2 Supinated Low Row 4 12-15 2010  60-120s
C1 Machine Press 4 25 2010  60-120s
C2 Wide Pull Downs 4 25 2110  60-120s
D1 DB Push Press 4 25 3010  60-120s
D2 Battle Rope intervals 4 25s 2010  60-120s
E1 V-Sits 3 15 3110  60-120s
E2 Reverse crunch 3 15 3110  60-120s

Male Training Plan 

Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 45 Incline Cable Fly 4 12 3110 10s
A2 Reverse Seated Press 4 12 3110 10s
A3 Flat Banded BB Press 4 12 3030 120s
B1 Seated Laterals 4 12 3010 10s
B2 BB Frontal Raise 4 12 3010 10s
B3 Cable Reverse Fly 4 12 3110 120s
C1 Standing Cable Fly 1 DROP SET 10/10/10 3110
Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 BB Back Squat 4 12 3110 10s
A2 BB Walking (Long Range) Lunge 4 20 2020 10s
A3 Neutral Stance Leg Press 4 20 3010 120s
B1 Eccentric Nordics 4 12 5010 10s
B2 Sissy Squat 4 12 3010 10s
B3 Leg Extension 4 25 2020 120s
C1 Seated Calf Raise 1 100 2010 60s
D1 Seated Calf Press 1 100 2010 60s
Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 45 Incline Cable Bicep Curl 4 12 3110 10s
A2 EZ Bar Lying Extension 4 12 3110 10s
A3 Standing EZ Bar Curl 4 12 3030 120s
B1 Flat BB Banded Cali Press 4 12 3010 10s
B2 DB Preacher Curl 4 12 3010 10s
B3 Duel Rope Extension 4 12 3110 120s
C1 Crucifix Cable Curl (fixed elbow position) 1 DROP SET 10/10/10 3110

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.



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