5 Fitness Tips for Students

I know as a student, it can be hard to stick to a workout plan or a healthy eating diet with everything that’s going on around you, especially if you’re new to the fitness world too but fear not we have 5 handy tips to give you a boost back into the fitness world!


1) Find A Buddy To Train With

As students, you rely on comradery, you rely on your wolf pack and you shouldn’t be a lone wolf in and out the gym. Scour your campus (or your contacts list on your phone) and find someone who’s ready to get fit!

2) Cook For Yourself

Take aways are tasty, don’t get me wrong but unless you want blow that student budget on kebabs rather than every other luxury you can think of, so start cooking for yourself and you’ll be so surprised at how much extra cash you have, not to mention, pretty much anything you make at home will be healthier than most take aways! If you bulk buy and bulk cook you’re looking at mega savings. Plus, the opposite sex always likes someone who can cook!

3) Take Advantage Of Our Student Discount

Did you know NUS members get 10% off orders all the time on our site?? Well, now you do! So save 10% on those supplements you need to go hand in hand with your training plan.

4) Drink Responsibly

Yes, I said that…I’m not saying don’t drink, I’m saying drink responsibly! If you drink so much that you can’t do much/anything the next day then not only can you not train but you can’t do much else. Alcohol does significantly impact recovery if taken too far and if you can’t recover properly, then you’re unlikely to get stronger, fitter and wait for it…faster. So exercise a bit of moderation (excuse the pun) and enjoy yourself in all aspects of your life!

5) Non Gym Workouts

If you have no access to the gym or simply can’t afford it, there can be a lot of alternatives! Running outside is believe it or not, free! Not to mention using your body weight to perform exercises can be quite effective, especially for newcomers to the gym, press-ups, squats, pull-ups (pull up bars are really really cheap) and lots and lots of ab workouts can be done in your room! So think outside the box, or, in this case, outside the gym..Ok I’m getting my coat now…


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