10 Top Tips | How To Grow More Muscle

Written by Tom Macmillan, Natural World Champion Bodybuilder & Online Coach

10 Top Tips To Grow More Muscle

Gaining muscle can be a frustrating process, it takes time and a lot of effort. I’ve been the guy who couldn’t grow, spending money on new supplements, food, gym fees and spent hours of my week spinning my wheels in the gym.

Does that sound like you?

Anyone can build muscle, you just a new plan of action! here’s 10 tips to grow more muscle.

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#1 Consume more calories assuming you’re gaining no more than 2 lb. per month


#2 Ensure you’re eating enough protein. Aim for roughly 1 to 1.2 gram per lb. of bodyweight.


#3 Increase you’re training volume over time, assuming you can recover (Volume known as sets x rep’s x weight)


#4 Aim to lift more weight on each exercise every workout, IF you’re hitting your intended rep range


#5 Sleep more! You’re not growing in the gym, you’re stimulating, 7-8 hours per night will suffice, under slept? Make up for it across the week

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#6 Increase your training frequency from once to twice per week, if you can recover from two times per week, consider a third. For example, an upper/lower split over six days


#7 Perform more compound exercises. Compounds involve more than one muscle group, meaning you’re performing more volume for them.


#8 Lift using correct form. If you’re injured you’re training less, do what you can to minimize risk of injury such as warming up properly & ensuring that you’re lifting with good form, minimizing momentum, let the muscles do the lifting.


#9 Supplement when needed. Cover your health needs then aim to increase performance. My top picks for those looking to grow more muscle


1) Vitamin D3
2) Omega 3 Fish Oils
3) Multi vitamin
4) Caffeine
5) Creatine monohydrate
6) Whey protein
7) Weight gainer if you struggle to eat enough calories



Muscle doesn’t come quickly, but by staying on top of your nutrition, training & recovery, you’ll soon reap the rewards you’ve longed for.


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Faye Reid

Faye Reid

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Faye has a MSc in Sport Physiology and Nutrition, and puts her passion into practice as goal attack for her netball team, and in competitive event riding. She enjoys a pun, and in her spare time loves dog walking and eating out.

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