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Get Your Myprotein Advent Calendar | 24 Days Of Treats

Get Your Myprotein Advent Calendar | 24 Days Of Treats
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The festive season is only around the corner, and with it the long-waited release of the Limited-Edition Myprotein Advent Calendar.

Our nutritional advent calendar is the perfect gift for a loved one – or maybe even for yourself –Bursting with 24 nourishing surprises, you can start every day of December with a bang.

From popular favourites to exciting newbies, and we also have a vegan option. This year, the advent calendar also includes 24 fitness and mindfulness challenges behind each door, to motivate you during the festive period to help you engage physically and mentally.

Take a look inside

Myprotein Flavdrops Vanilla (50ml)

Cut the sugar without compromising on taste with fan favourite Vanilla FlavDrops, the perfect way to add flavour without derailing your macro targets.


Myprotein Crispy Layered Bar – Chocolate Caramel, White Chocolate Peanut

So nice, we added it twice.

With layers of taste and texture, the Crispy Layered Bar is one of our most indulgent protein bars. Not only is it delicious but with 16g of protein to help to support your fitness ambitions. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied.


Myvegan Protein Blend – Choc Salted Caramel

Newly reformulated, this plant-based protein is packed with 22g of protein in each serving, and only 110 calories. Maintaining muscle and balancing with a vegan lifestyle made simple, and delicious.


Myprotein Impact Protein Bar – in Fudge Brownie, Cookies and Cream and Dark Choc Sea Salt

A soft, chewy, low-sugar caramel core, topped with the crunchy crispies, and coated in indulgent chocolate, these Impact Protein Bars are fantastic for satisfying sweet cravings while still having your nutritionals covered.


Myprotein Protein Wafer – Chocolate

This protein-packed treat has 60% less sugar and 20% less fat than supermarket alternatives, helping you reach your fitness goals without compromising on taste.


Myvegan Double Dough Brownie – Choc Chip

We’ve combined two of our most-loved vegan treats, cookies and brownies, into a single indulgent, high-fibre plant-based snack. Whether you’re on a plant-based diet or trying something new, this brownie has got you covered.


Myvitamins Vital Bites – Cookie Dough

Vital Bites are the tastiest way to nourish your body, enriched with essential vitamins, including D3 to help maintain immune function and B12, which can help reduce tiredness throughout the day.


Myprotein Clear Whey Sample – Cranberry and Raspberry

Our award-winning and innovative Clear Whey Isolate is a light and refreshing juice alternative to a milky protein shake that doesn’t compromise on contents. Each serving is packed with 20g of protein but only 0.1g of fat, 0.3g of sugar and less than 90 calories.


Myvegan Choc Chew – Caramel

Around December 25 tubs of sweets can be a real temptation. Curb your sweet-tooth cravings with our high-quality, plant-based protein bar. Loaded with 7.5g of soya protein, low in sugar and high in fibre, these are a fantastic alternate to high sugar snacks.


Myvitamin Vegan Multivitamin Gummies (30) – Lemon

Delicious citrus taste and nine essential vitamins – what more could you want? Including Vitamin C to support your immune system and biotin to maintain your skin and hair, our Multivitamin Gummies are an easy means of topping up on nutrients.


Myprotein Double Dough Brownie – Chunky Chocolate

Made up of a cookie dough base and a brownie style protein dough, topped with low sugar caramel, it’s a deliciously indulgent, high-protein snack.


MP pill box

Stay organised with our essential, pocket-sized storage solution. With five internal compartments, our pill box is the best way to keep track of your daily vitamins and supplements. No more missed days with this simple storage solution.


Myprotein Baked Protein Cookie – Chocolate Chip

Life is busy, but get you can get your protein on-the-go to make it a bit easier. Baked with quality, vegan-friendly ingredients, the Baked Protein Cookie has 13g of protein to give you the boost you need, without the hassle.


Myvegan Gooey Filled Cookie – Double Chocolate and Peanut Butter

The snacking game has changed with our gooey salted caramel flavour centred vegan cookie – this plant-powered treat is high in protein and low in sugar.


Myprotein THE Pre-Workout Pre V3 – Orange Mango Passionfruit

Bursting with nutrients, THE Pre-Workout delivers the boost you need to push your body further and see better results than ever before. This explosive blend of creatine, caffeine, vitamin B6 and other trending ingredients energises you to accomplish more.


Myprotein Oat Bake – Chocolate Chip

Not everyone has time to bake from scratch. Our soft and chewy Oatbakes combine protein, to support your workout goals, and carbs, to help you recover session after session.


Myvitamins Collagen Powder – Peach Tea

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, mainly found in skin, hair, nails and other connective tissues. Natural collagen levels start to decline as we age and that’s where our Collagen Powder Tub comes in. Ideal for maintenance and muscle growth, this refreshing fruity shake is the ideal way to support your training and body.


Myprotein Cereal Bar – Salted Caramel

A mouth-watering blend of soya protein and oats, the Cereal Bar is packed with more than 4.5g of protein, and will seamlessly fit in to your commute on a busy morning.


Myprotein Impact Whey Protein – Cinnamon Danish

What would the advent calendar be without the UK’s #1 protein powder. This protein powder is packed with 21g of protein per serving. It speaks for itself. Get your shakes in the Christmas spirit with a taste of cinnamon this festive season.


Take home message

Whether you have someone in mind who would love this calendar, or you just fancy giving yourself an early Christmas present, the Myprotein Advent Calendar will not disappoint. 24 days of protein goodies to fuel you all the way up until the big day.

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Writer and expert
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