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Travelling can make it a little bit harder to eat healthily on the go, especially if you are restricted on what you can buy or bring with you – but that shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goals.

Depending on how you are travelling, here are some simple yet effective hacks I have found really useful for eating healthy on the go!

#1 Plan ahead

Do your homework on places you can stop off with healthy options if possible on your journey if you are going by car.

healthy eating plan ahead

You might be pleasantly surprised with what you find, and it will save you stopping off at the first fast food restaurant you come across. If you stop off at petrol stations along the way, you can also find some health friendly snacks such as nuts and fruit.

#2 Use Zip loc bags/Tuppaware

Ziploc bags or small, tight Tupperware tubs (disposable ones if you’re wanting to lighten the carry weight afterwards) work a treat for transporting food, and you can even pack a plastic fork! If that way you can throw the bag/tub and fork in a bin when you are finished your meal!

meal prep tuppaware

? Freeze your water bottles and use them as cool packs to keep food fresh.

? Water bottles make amazing cool packs when you freeze them, and as they defrost you can drink them meaning you always have a cold drink available and your food stays really fresh too!

This tip is fantastic if you are travelling by car as it can be pretty warm in the summertime making it hard to keep your food cool. Making sure your food is kept cool also means it stinks the place out a whole lot less!

#3 Shop around in the airport/service stations

Have a wander around the airport to see what food is on offer. Often you can make special requests with your food, and if there is any food place that has a deli you can get a really healthy salad made up and simply add in some protein such as chicken or even boiled eggs to make it a nourishing balanced meal.

healthy meals airport

Most delis are also happy enough to pack up some salad into little containers that you can bring on the plane for later too if you are travelling by air. This can really make a difference and make you feel much better after your flight as airline food tends to be quite high in salt which can dehydrate you.

? Make sure you buy some bottles of water after you pass through security for your flight if this is the case. This may seem obvious but you may forget and end up forgetting to hydrate as much when you’re on the flight if you begrudge paying a larger amount for your water whilst on board!

#4 Pick snacks that are easy to carry

There are plenty of healthy, travel friendly snacks that you can pack in your bag to keep your nutrition on point when travelling. Foods such as beef jerky are high in protein and really easy to transport as they have no special requirements to keep them fresh when unopened.

cashew nuts

Nuts are also a fantastic filling option; you just need to watch your portion sizes.

I also love bananas – they’re a great source of potassium and give you a boost of well-needed energy!:

? Freeze them before your journey and that way when you go to eat them, if they have not fully defrosted, they taste like an ice-cream.

#5 Stock up for your hotel room

If you are staying in a hotel room it is a great idea to stock up on healthy snacks to nibble on in-between meals. This can save on a lot of calories that might be spent eating junk food that you don’t even enjoy but are restricted because no shops are open. No matter how good you’ve been on your diet, if you’re starving you may just succumb temptation to the vending machine facing your hotel door!

protein shakes

? Carry some protein powder to whip up a quick shake/add a tiny bit of water for a “pudding-like” consistency. Ready-made ones are available – try bag-sized Pro Milk Zero cartons for a quick re-fuel.

? Like mentioned –  nuts and fruit/protein bars and snacks can make it a lot easier to stay on track on the go.

#6 Allow yourself treats in moderation

Allow yourself some treats but do try to practice moderation. A treat won’t ruin your hard work, but two weeks of binge eating on rich foods and constant ice creams might set you back more than you planned.

peanut butter dessert

You can still allow yourself down time without going too crazy, try to find a balance. Eat healthy around your treats and you won’t go far wrong!

Take Home Message

These are some of the tricks I always use when travelling to try and maintain some balance with my nutrition.

Although it may seem obvious, making the time to plan ahead will allow you to find it much easier to stick to your nutrition goals!

fitness goals


Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.



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