uk myjourney july

uk myjourney july



I made the change whilst at University. I saw a photo of myself from a night out and realised how much weight I’d gained.

Katie before

I didn’t feel confident in figure hugging dresses unless I had those pants on that sucked everything in.

My weight gain had happened over a couple of years and having always been able to eat whatever I want and never gain a pound it really snuck up on me.

Weekends of enjoying takeaways and fast food and not much exercise really does add up! I signed up for a half marathon with my Mum and started slow.

The focus for me was always about doing it the healthy way- I didn’t want to be someone who couldn’t enjoy a piece of cake at a party.

For that reason it took me a little longer than it could have done but I’m glad I enjoyed myself along the way and didn’t miss out on having fun.

At first I didn’t have a clue about nutrition but slowly through Instagram and a few books I got drip fed info about proper nutrition and what to eat to get results quicker.

I started adding more fruits and veg into my diet – even spinach in smoothies which, 4 years ago, was a crazy concept for me!”



I feel amazing and very proud of just how far I’ve come. It has truly transformed my life and made me feel so much more confident.

Katie after (2)
The important think for me though is that I feel so healthy. Exercising everyday and eating a plant-based vegan diet makes me feel great on the inside. I sleep well, rarely ever get ill, have no mood swings, my recovery times are short, my skin is clear and my performance and energy levels are sky high.

I also feel great because discovering this way of living has lead me to become a personal trainer which means I’m giving other people great results and transforming their lives.

To see someone go from depressed, overweight and unhealthy to a smiling, confident, fit and energized person is so rewarding.

If I hadn’t gone through this process myself I might never have started changing others lives too. The best part is I know that struggle.

Some personal trainers have always been fit so they don’t understand when their client falls off the wagon.
I know what its like and feel I can help people because of that.”

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uk myjourney july

My previous diet wasn’t that unhealthy during the week, fruit veg, chicken etc…but I had a lot of white carbs like pasta and potatoes. I’d also eat things like takeaway curries and dominoes pizza at weekends.
For me the problem was the snacking. I loved things like cheese and I had a massive sweet tooth so would easily get through and entire family pack of Maryland cookies or large bar of galaxy. 


✓ I am a vegan so I don’t eat any animal products at all (no meat, fish, dairy or eggs).

✓ I like to have 1-2 low carb, high fat days per week and 5-6 higher carb, lower fat days.

A typical higher carb, lower fat day would be:



BREAKFAST | Oats, Vegan Blend protein powder, raspberries & water

SNACK | Plain soy yoghurt & Vegan Blend protein powder

PRE-WORKOUT | Plain soy yoghurt & fruit

POST-WORKOUT | Oats, Vegan Blend protein powder & 1 banana

LUNCH | Rice, soy pieces, spinach and cashew sour cream

DINNER | Quorn Vegan burgers, green veg & rice cakes





✓ Up Water Intake! 

If you’re craving something unhealthy have a glass of water first- usually you’re just dehydrated.

✓ Carry Snacks

I always, always have a snack with me. Whether I’m leaving the hours for 30 minutes or 3 hours. You never know what the day is going to bring and its always better to be prepared than end up grabbing junk food because you’re starving and have nothing healthy to eat.

✓ Monitor Progress

Get a heart rate monitor- you’ll work a lot harder and you’ll know as soon as you’ve started to slack off.

uk myjourney july



MONDAY | Glutes and Hamstrings & cardio

TUESDAY | Upper body & cardio

WEDNESDAY | Glutes/Quads/Triceps/Abs & cardio

THURSDAY | Upper body & cardio

FRIDAY | Glutes and Hamstrings & cardio




+ 5 30-minute cardio sessions a week of 30 mins incline walk on the treadmill or cross trainer or skipping and boxing drills.


Monday | Glutes and Hamstrings
Glutes & Hamstrings Sets Reps Rest (secs)
SUPERSET: 4 12-15 60-90 sec
Hip thrust (on bench)
Barbell wide stance stiff leg deadlift
TRISET: 3 45 secs
Vertical wide stance leg press 12-15
Side Weighed lunges 15/leg
Jumping wide squat 30
SUPERSET: 4 45 secs
Standing single leg curl 10-12
DB Step Ups (on bench): 15/leg
FINISHER 3 30 secs
Resistance band side walk: 2o/side

Cardio finisher: 10 minutes stairs machine

Tuesday | Upper body
Upper Body Sets Reps Rest (secs)
SUPERSET: 3 12-15 60 sec
Wide grip pull ups
Bench press:
TRISET: 3 60 secs
Seated back row 12-15
Cable rear delt cross over (on knees) 10-12
DB Shoulder press 10-12
TRISET 2: 3 60 secs
Upright Kettle Bell row 12-15
Lateral DB raise 15
DB Hammer with rotational twist 3  10-12  –
TRISET 3:  2  –  30 secs
Barbell Bicep curls 12-15
Tricep push down 12-15
Hammer DB bicep curl 20

Cardio finisher: 10 minutes cross trainer: level 6, speed 12-14

 Weds | Glutes/Quads/Triceps/Abs
Glutes/Quads/Triceps/Abs Sets Reps Rest (secs)
SUPERSET: 4 60 sec
Sumo DB Squat 20/15/10/10
Walking barbell lunges 15/leg  –
SUPERSET: 3 60 secs
Leg extension 10-12
Rope pull through 15
SUPERSET: 3 10-12 60 secs
Leg press 3
Bosu squats 5secs down/10secs hold 12-15
GIANTSET: 3 45 secs
Reverse triceps Barbell push down: 10-12  –
Dips 15  –
Hanging leg raises  – 15-20  –
Plank  – 1 minute  –

Cardio Finisher: 10mins Hill walk, Incline 15/ Speed 5-5.5

Thurs | Upper body
Upper Body Sets Reps Rest (secs)
TRISET: 3  – 60 sec
Shoulder press machine 12-15
Front plate raise 15-20  –
Cable Standing chest fly 12-15
SUPERSET: 3 60 secs
Lat front pull down 15
DB Bent over row 12-15
SUPERSET: 3  – 60 secs
DB Incline chest press 12-15
Skull crushers 15
SUPERSET: 3 60 secs
Narrow grip pull ups 12-15
Triceps cable pushdown 15

Cardio finisher: 10mins Interval sprints – 20secs sprints & 20secs rest

Fri | Glutes and Hamstrings

Glutes and Hamstrings Sets Reps Rest (secs)
SUPERSET: 4 60 secs
Wide stance deep back squat  – 15  –
Narrow stance- straight stiff leg deadlift  – 20  –
TRISET: 3  –  60 secs
Single leg Kick backs 15  –
Lying DB Hamstring curls 12-15  –
Resistance band side walk 20/side  –
TRISET: 3  –  60 secs
Smith machine- Reverse lunge  10-12reps /leg  –
KB swings  20  –
KB sumo squat pulses  20  –

uk myjourney july



✓ Vegan Blend Protein Powder to ensure I reach my daily protein intake.

✓  1 x Daily Vitamin for general body function | Read Vitamins

Vitamin B12 – this is needed for energy – which is otherwise available in animal products.

✓ Blackstrap molasses to hit my daily iron intake


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