No Time To Workout? | Tips To Fit In Exercise: Morning, Noon or Night


By PT & Nutrition Coach | Faye Pritchard

Do you find you are struggling to find the time to exercise or are you simply making excuses? Whether it be working everyday, wanting to see and make time for your partner/parents or you’re juggling between looking after the children, cleaning, working, being a house wife, seeing friends and maybe just having time to yourself?

Whatever you’re situation may be, I am sure you can resonate with one or more of the below excuses for putting off exercise:

The simple fact you cannot be bothered or you’re tired.

It has been one of those days.

✓ Maybe you want to consume that cream cake in the office or maybe you fancy a larger meal than normal during lunchtime… We have all been there!

No money to pay for the gym.

Getting around excuse making

It’s certainly a lot easier to make excuses to avoid exercise – like the common saying – “if it was easy, everyone would do it!”

But the truth is – once you start saying yes to short, simple exercises, your motivation levels will begin to increase and you’ll want to find that extra time to look after yourself! Honestly, workouts don’t have to be extreme – just start off light!

For example: At your work desk?

Go for a walk, stretch a little and squeeze your abs in whilst on a stroll. This may seem like it wouldn’t make any difference – but trust me, every bit counts.

Don’t worry what anyone else thinks this is all about you. Ten to 20 minutes a day will make such a difference to you. Remember fit in mind fit in body. It is all about will power.

Below are additional ways to fit in exercise around your family life and and day-to-day routine!

Have children, a partner, lots of friends or a you’re a single parent?

✓ Consider going for a walk on weekends. When you’re out in the open,  choose a space to stretch and perform some star-jumps/do some like jogging and get fit whilst the children are on their bikes!

✓ How about meeting up with friends and going on bike rides or indulge in an adventure walk with a picnic? None of these are expensive and you are out yet again getting fit.

Additionally, consider a couple of ideas the next time you take the children to their daytime activities:

Whilst the children are at dance/football training you can you go for a jog around the area before picking them up – and even take a friend for company!

Swimming with children on the weekends.

Weeknight walks/jogs (weather will soon get lighter and warmer) before dinner.

✓ Going for a walk you and your partner/friend or doing a circuit together in the garden while children do their homework.

how to do burpees abby pell

✓ Home workouts for 15-minutes before you have your evening meal.

Depending on how old your children are circuits outside together. I regularly have my mum, dad and sister in the garden in the summer all doing circuits 3 nights a week for around 30 minutes whilst the tea is cooking.

Are you a single mum with a new baby?

Attend a Mum & Baby exercise class.

 Have a home personal training session – personal trainers can visit houses when parents find it hard packing things to go for a gym workout!

Juggling work/coursework/seeing your partner, family & friends?

Home/office workout 10 to 20 mins in the house before or after work.

 Grab a running buddy on a similar schedule, if applicable – this will allow you to hold yourself accountable.

Weekend boot-camps for one-hour of your day.

Exercising with your partner helping each other.

Gym classes: Yoga/Metafit, high impact/low impact sessions – they’re only 30 minutes long!

✓ Weekend walks, activities with friends, partner and/or children.

Take Home Message

Consider a few of these exercise ideas to incorporate into your busy schedule.

Remember: it is you that will benefit from whatever effort you are able to fit into your own routine!

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