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The Ultimate Gift Guide

The female athlete in your life may manifest in various forms. A mother, a wife or girlfriend, a sister, a cousin, a daughter or even a best friend. Whatever the case, this holiday season I am sure you want to treat them to gifts which make the lights in their eyes shine and set them up for a healthy and happy new year. This article hopes to outline a variety of the ultimate gift options for the lady in your life and take the stress out of filling your loved ones stocking this Christmas.


Before we start our rundown of gifts for your designated woman, a note which I would be remiss to exclude. The secret to gift buying is always balance. Of course, this list will focus on the best that Myprotein has to offer, all of which are sure to dazzle your loved one. For example, a bag of your girl’s favourite whey protein will always be more appreciated alongside a new pair of designer shoes. Take time to reflect on what will make your lady feel special, and don’t forget to wrap and strap your presents with a bow. The extra mile is easy to cover when you have the right fuel.

Myprotein’s Active Women Range


Something special with a wide variety of products to help meet your nutritional needs, whilst also providing wonderfully tasting natural flavours. The Active Women Beauty Bundle is a literal treasure chest of the best of Myprotein’s offerings for the (you guessed it) Active Woman. I will break down why this particular product mix is such an essential purchase for your lucky lady.


This product bundle meets all the needs of the active female in your life by not only giving them the Active Women Hair, Skin and Nails to keep that lucky lady looking and feeling nourished from the inside-out but also sustains their already present requirement of a comprehensive Active Woman Multi-Vitamin for their general health.

Of course the joy of this bundle doesn’t stop here, in fact it keeps on giving. Whether it be the plant-based power in the Active Women Beauty Superfood Blend or the Active Women Beauty Sleep, our soothing blends have been formulated to nourish, enhance and boost your beauty regime all day, every day.

This bundle gives everything the active female may need and chucks in a fabulous pink shaker to keep you on track! You may need to clear space under the tree for all the goodies, but it will be worth it.

Myprotein Training Accessories

As a proponent of the various lifting accessories Myprotein has on offer (straps, hooks and gloves) I recognise that whilst a heavy deadlift often needs skin-to-bar contact to feel “right”, on other occasions a pair of well-fitting gloves is a must! From lifting straps to skipping ropes, our extensive accessories range has something for everyone, making those hard-hitting workouts bearable and worthwhile – whilst still stylish!

Whether she’s training from home or on-the-go, our handy range of equipment is here to help all active women perform numerous exercises, whatever their fitness goals. Working out in the garage, park or garden has never been easier, from medicine balls to skipping ropes, there are no excuses! There’s also an extensive range of bags to carry these all-important goodies – click here to discover!

It doesn’t stop there, we all know hydration is key to maintain a healthy lifestyle and looking great whilst doing so is even better! Check out our range of bottles, hydrators and shakers here!

Women’s Clothing

The range of gym and leisure apparel on offer at Myprotein is varied and striking, not to mention super-comfy. Looking your best when at the gym can seem counter-intuitive for some. People may question why it is important to show interest in your appearance whilst working intensely to sweat and fatigue yourself. Questions I would answer by saying that making such an effort can fuel you to sustain motivation with exercise and perform better in the gym towards your goals. The reasons behind this are due to a concept called self-presentation.

So help your loved one take pride in their appearance at the gym. Let them revel in the self-confidence that comes with pride in their physique and strut their stuff whilst working towards their fitness goals. Make sure your lady is always gym-ready with our latest releases. With unique fabric technologies (sweat wicking, breathable & dry-tech), patterns, fits and colours, we’ve got everything you need to help your loved one look, feel and perform great! Revive her fitness wardrobe and earn some brownie points!

Myprotein Advent Calendar

Last but not least on our list of ultimate gifts for the active female is a no-brainer. No Christmas is quite perfect without the perfect advent calendar to count down the days.

With 1g of protein per chocolate coin, this is the perfect way to start each December day and add to your daily protein intake! Santa will be jealous!

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Faye Reid

Faye Reid

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