Q&A Interview with Kirk Miller


We recently caught up with Myprotein ambassador and fitness model, Kirk Miller for a live Q&A on our Facebook page ahead of the launch of his Hero Sessions 6 Week plan.


Q. Alex Pickering: What are your Best tips for lower abs definition? Any specific exercises or just diet?

A. Kirk Miller:  Alex to get great lower abs = Diet, reduce body fat & 50 to 75% of your ab training should be on lower/core as these are generally the hardest to get for most people .There will be a filmed & explained ABS video FREE in my new HERO sessions program coming soon on the MP site.


Q. Graeme Boyle: Hi Kirk do you advise carb cycling to build muscle and lose fat or just dieting with the right amount of carbohydrates to protein intake?

A. Kirk Miller:  Graeme it depends on the individual but I have also favoured eating the same amount of carbs,proteins & fats on a daily basis as opposed to carb cycling. Either way you should be in a calorie deficit if you want to get really lean unless your just starting out at the gym. Keep your food clean, train with MAX intensity when you lift and you will prevent muscle loss. Increase bcaas & l glutamine too.


Q. Cumaren S: Morning I have a question on water manipulation. Have you used the technique and any advice on how to do it correctly thanks.

A. Kirk Miller: Cumaren yes I use water manipulation when I have an important shoot coming up, the way I do it may vary slightly depending on how dry or not I’m getting each day up to the shoot. But a rough example of how to do it would be to gradually increase my water intake to 6-8 litres 5 days out from a shoot up to 10 litres the day before. I would then cut the water around 16 hours before my shoot time. Have one large glass of dry white wine the night before. I also add dandelion in the 5 days before the shoot & increase Vit C intake, as both are natural diuretics.


Q. Dominc Smart: Hi Kirk, what is your current nutritional protocol? My target for the next couple of months is to increase muscle mass. With regards to diet what have you found to be most effective? Regular meal timings, carb cycling? Carb back loading?

A. Kirk Miller: Dominic I haven’t followed any set macros for past few weeks due to Xmas & a holiday, will start a new eating plan Monday as well as resume full training.

However If I am looking to add size I do not carb cycle, I like the same amount of food going in daily especially carbs with my body type. My advice if you’re looking to add size is pick a start diet & take weight & pictures every week at the same time & day.If you aren’t seeing any changes, getting stronger or adding weight increase calories or switch up your training.


Q. John Godfrey: Hero session videos sound good about to embark on some strength training, any advice that you would give regarding training/diet?

A. Kirk Miller: James if training for strength I would increase rest periods to 2 to 3 minutes between sets. Focus primarily on compound exercises such as deadlifts, squats. I personally found my biggest strength gains came when reducing training volume down to 4 days MAX per week also, rest is crucial to repair & will help you to come back stronger the next session.


Q. Faisal Hussain: Is dextrose any good taken with whey protein just after a training session? If yes then, how much of it is recommended? I am 5’10” and weigh 74 kgs.

A. Kirk Miller: Faisal, yes dextrose is a great fast acting carbohydrate mixed with whey isolate. If I am bulking I have 3 to 4 large scoops post weights. If leaning up 1 to 2.


Q. Rj Finney: What do you think of using pure pea protein isolate with liquid BCAAs?

A. Kirk Miller: RJ I have never tried or used either so wouldn’t endorse anything I haven’t used myself, sorry buddy.


Q. Mark Wilf Williams: Is it better to split train or whole body train for hypertrophy?

A. Kirk Miller: Mark split body all day long. Fatigue each muscle to its maximum, so it can recover and grow. This allows you to train as hard as possible each day.


Q. Thamir Shah: Hi Kirk what is your supplement stack like?

A. Kirk Miller: Thamir my supplements stack for New Year from Monday will be:

Alpha Male Multi Vitamins..9 x Omega 3,6,9 tabs….Cod Liver Oil 1000mg x 1…Total Nutri Greens 15g a day….Glucosime Hydrochloride…Calcium/Magnesium 500mg a day…ZMA x 3 before bed

Pre weights…..10g BCAAs….10g l glutamine….5g Creatine Mono hydrate…post workout is the same but with added Dextrose 3 large scoops…& 1 x 1000mg Vit C tablet.


Q. Paul Kealey: Hi Kirk, what are your feelings on canned Corned Beef as an occasional snack on the go? Seems to have a good macronutrient profile (LCHF) and plenty of protein.

A. Kirk Miller: Paul anything canned is no good.Too many preservatives and manufactured source of protein. Good solid whole food and organic if you can afford it is best.


Q. John Gater: How often should you train abs ?

A. Kirk Miller:  John, I train them 1 to 2 times per week maximum. Train them heavy, 6 to 12 reps on lower, middle, upper abs and 15 to 20 on obliques.


Q. Tina Staples Was Pine: Good morning, who would you recommend to get a nutrition programme done by, my holidays are in 12weeks limited funds of £40

A. Kirk Miller: Tina you can do my HERO sessions programme in a week or so all FREE I will answer any questions about the diet when it’s LIVE.


Q. Stewart Evan: Hi kirk what supplements & tabs do you recommend for stripping fat!!!??? Cheers

A. Kirk Miller: Stewart, CLA & omegas plus a good diet…. I don’t take fat burners.


Q. Lee Theb Short: I’m training for a 60 mile charity bike ride in the summer is there anything I can do to limit the effects all the cardio will have on my muscle gains?

A. Kirk Miller: Lee increase the use of BCAAS & L- glutamine. Pre & Post cardio, I would use a minimum of 10g of each before & after exercise, also keep lifting! Especially legs, it will benefit your cycling.

Vary rep ranges to, low and high reps, this will hit all muscle fibers in legs therefore increasing power & muscular endurance when you race.

Hero Session workout can be found here >



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