10 Things You Will Find In A Gym Addicts House

Are you a gym addict? Count how many of these items are likely to be found around your house.

1. A Pre Packed Gym Bag

Whether you’re a morning gymer or prefer night time training, you’ll most likely have your gym bag pre-packed and ready to go. Get a Myprotein Gym Bag

2. More Tupperware Boxes than Actual Plates

You probably now have more Tupperware boxes than plates and on a Sunday most likely take up 80% of the fridge. Stock Up on Tupperware

3. A Washing Basket Full of Sweaty Gym Clothes

One thing that hasn’t gone down since you started training is the amount of washing you need now need to do. Get Kitted Out with Our Gym Clothing

4. More Trainers than High Heels

Your beloved collection of high heels and going out shoes have now been replaced with numerous pairs of bright and colourful (sometimes old and grey…) trainers. Doesn’t matter how many pairs we have, there’s always room for one more pair of Asics or nikeys.

5. More Powders, Tablets and Capsules than the Local Pharmacy

Proteins, aminos, vitamins, ZMA’s… you name it and we’ve got it! Our Protein Powders Stock Up on Supps Get Aminos Acids

6. Almost as Many Blender Bottles as Drinking Glasses

Whether its been a free gift or you like a bottle for each supplement and meal- you know the score. Get Another Shaker!

7. An Emergency Snack Draw or Treat Jar

Oh yes the best of us have a special place in the kitchen for the cheat day treats! Stock Up on Protein Snacks

8. A Selection of Headphones

You’ll regularly find a selection of headphones scattered around the house- none of which will actually be working when you need them most.

9. Some Old Unused 3kg Dumbbells

Whether you’re just becoming a fitness addict or you’re onto lifting heavy weights those dusty 3kg dumbbells will always have a permanent spot somewhere around the house.

10. An Emergency Tin of Tuna

It’s been sitting there for months but when the going gets tough and its past food shopping day in those bare cupboards you’ll always have that emergency tin of tuna.

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