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Generation Iron Movie


Nearly 30 years since directing the original masterpiece ‘Pumping Iron’, Vlad Yudin returns to our screens with a new portrayal of the road to Mr Olympia. Produced by Rollie Robinson, Generation Iron examines the determination and dedication needed to be a professional bodybuilder and the sacrifices needed to win.

This documentary follows some of the world’s biggest bodybuilders including Kai Greene, Phil Heath and Branch Warren as they all prepare for the biggest competition of their lives. Generation Iron features previously unseen footage of pro-bodybuilders who eat, live and breathe their sport and yet portray the single-mindedness necessary to excel in their field. Whilst looking at the athletes training, diet and preparation, Vlad Yudin also shows the stress and pressure that the media can apply to the athletes as they strive to win the World Cup of bodybuilding.

This unique insight into the bodybuilding industry is a must for all strength training enthusiasts and a great-watch for any film-buff. It will give you the motivation and determination to get into the gym and fuel your ambition.

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Generation Iron



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