Surfer’s Spotlight | Exclusive Interview with Surfer & Model Corinne Evans


We had the pleasure of interviewing Myprotein’s Athlete, Surfer and Model Corinne Evans.

Corinne talks overcoming obstacles, cheat meals and her biggest life tips!

What were you like growing up? How have you got to where you are now?

“I was born in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, this is where I spent the first 13 years of my life. I grew up wanting to be a professional dancer and it’s pretty much all I did.

When my parents decided to make the move to Cornwall I had mixed emotions. I know living by the coast would be amazing but I didn’t want to move my whole life there. It took me a while to adjust to living in Cornwall but the moment I found water sports my whole life changed.

I actually body boarded before I learnt to surf and I did this for a good few years before finally picking up a surfboard.

corinne surfer

If you’ve ever tried surfing you’ll know how hard it really is and it’s a sport that is so heavily controlled by Mother Nature.

When I left school I began travelling and I took my surfboard everywhere I went. I got to surf in Australia, Indonesia, Barbados, Europe and Sri Lanka.

In 2010 I made the decision that I wanted this to become my full-time job, so I worked hard, I got some photos and videos together and started approaching brands.

When I finally gained sponsorship for surfing it felt amazing!

I haven’t looked back since! I surf all the time and it’s still my number one passion even 6 years on.”

Have you had any obstacles to overcome?

“As a teenager I was extremely self conscious and felt like I was never any good at anything. I let opinions get the better of me. This is when I began to have major issues with food and became bulimic.

I struggled with this for a good few years and it really took over my life. The moment I realised I had a problem and accepted that what I was doing wasn’t right – was the moment it all changed.

I decided I needed to look at the positives not always trying to find the negatives. I now have great body confidence.

I am happy, healthy and strong!”

Where has surfing taken you? What’s next?

Surfing has taken me to so many amazing places. At the moment my surf trip list looks like…

Sri Lanka
Mentawai Islands
Australiacorinne surfing

There are still SO many places left to visit.”

What’s a day in the life of Corinne like? Is it all beach parties and BBQs? 

“I start everyday with a fresh coffee, a big breakfast, then I check out the surf. I decide when I am going to surf (if the waves allow) and then plan my day around that. I always have emails and writing to catch up on so I try and get on with that.

I update my social media and keep check on my “How to Surf” Tour bookings are looking. I always make sure I stay hydrated before and after surfing and eat little and often to keep my energy levels up.

In the evenings if it’s summer I like to take my dinner to the beach and have a BBQ and maybe even another little surf! In the winter I head to the gym and have dinner then chill and watch something online.”

What are your favourite foods – and cheat meals?

“I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth – so anything savoury I love!

I am a massive fan of eggs, avocado and hot sauce – it’s always my go-to breakfast or lunch!

I love eating fresh food and enjoy cooking up big meals for my friends and family.

For cheat meals, I love a take-away.

Indian, Chinese, Pizza…Whatever it is, I love it!”

Do you have any life advice for women?



You only get one body so treat it like a queen.

Give it good food, move it and pamper it.”

corinne evans


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