Day | New Year: What’s Your Motivation?

Written by Charlotte Campbell

New Years Motivation

New Year motivation. Everyone wants it, but few get enough of it to see them to the end of January. As anyone who has achieved a fitness goal will know, motivation is a huge part of getting results. Getting to where you train, and then putting in 100% effort week in week out takes strength of mind as well as body. So, what’s igniting your motivation for the New Year?


Competitive Streak


Even the most laid back of people can have a hit of competitiveness time and again. Whilst it can sometimes be deemed a negative trait, a healthy dose of competition can do wonders for your motivation levels.

New Year is a perfect time to strike up a fitness challenge, as most people are considering their goals for the next 12 months. Pick someone that is of a similar fitness level to you (and preferably someone you would secretly love to beat in a contest) and lay out the rules.

Examples include: first person to deadlift a certain weight, first to hit 500 miles on a cycling app, fastest time in a set race.

If the glory isn’t enough, set an embarrassing forfeit for the loser or an excellent prize for the winner. Your workouts will go through the roof in no time.

Setting A Deadline


For many, overall fitness is a general goal. However, often without a goal to strive for, working out to our full potential gets lost among other plans and routines. Creating your own deadline is a great motivation tool if you are prone to distraction.

Sign up for a 10km run, or a weightlifting competition, or a charity boxing event. Sometimes all you need to step up your game is knowing you’ll have to show your worth on a set date.


Sweating Socially


If you’re a naturally social person, this can be a great motivator for working out. By switching your normal routine from the TV, shops, or pub to an active location, you can drastically improve your fitness levels.

Planning hikes or runs in your local area, or signing up to different fitness classes with frieds can breathe life into a tired workout regime.

Fleeing from Failure 


This can often be the most powerful form of motivation. You might have been laid back about working out for years, but then… you’re tagged in the worst picture online, or getting out of breath running for the bus.

Feeling like you’ve hit a fitness low is bad, but it can be the start of an outpouring of motivation. Keep that photo on your phone, or the memory fresh in your mind. It makes success feel so much sweeter when you can compare it to your starting point.


Successful Streak


This is by far the smuggest option, BUT with good cause! Keeping up good levels of fitness takes effort, and you know there is no point ruining it just because you’ve got a new calendar.

When you start achieving the results you wanted, or even improving on them, that then becomes renewed motivation. It’s rare to get someone reaching their personal best and getting home to go “well, that’s it now, no more lifting/running/triathlons for me. I’ve hit my peak.” So, kudos to you for the good work so far – long may it continue!

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