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Training Overview

The ‘HERO sessions’ are based on a superset principle. A superset is an advanced training method in which you do two exercises, one after the other, with no rest in between. Each set is then followed by a short rest period which reduces as you move through each set of exercises. Each workout will pair opposing muscle groups with each other (eg Chest + Back), with the exception of shoulders/traps and calves. These two workouts will still utilise a superset format but of the same muscle.

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To simplify, supersetting will increase the amount of the work you do in a specific time period as you’ll be moving quickly from one exercise to another. This will maximise calorie expenditure and give you some of the most intense workouts you have ever experienced. Each superset within the HERO sessions will vary in terms of rep range, tempo and volume, all of them demanding in their own unique way. This will further boost your metabolic rate and burn fat a lot faster without having to spend more time in the gym.

You will complete 8 different exercises over 4 supersets during each workout, equaling a total 32 working sets by the time you finish. You will use both myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy which is important if you want to improve both strength and appearance of your muscles. No workout should last longer than 60 minutes and it will eliminate any chance of boredom.

All sets are to failure if you want to generate optimal muscle growth and fat loss over the next 6 weeks. No excuses, if you’re not feeling physically and mentally exhausted at the end of each workout haven’t worked hard enough!


MONDAY – Chest + Back
TUESDAY – Calves + Cardio
WEDNESDAY  – Biceps + Triceps
THURSDAY – Quads + Hamstrings
FRIDAY – Abs + Core + Cardio
SATURDAY – Shoulders + Traps

Each workout will consist of 4 different super sets broken down as follows:

Superset One

Will focus on Power, 5 reps back-to-back moving the weight as fast as possible using your type 2b muscle fibres on big compound movements. Building up your power over the next 6 weeks will help you overcome strength plateaus you may have had previously. Doing explosive low rep supersets will maintain a higher metabolic rate once the workout is over. 120 seconds rest.

Superset Two

The focus will move to time-under-tension, crucial for maximal muscle fibre recruitment. The repetitions will increase to 10 reps with a 4 second eccentric (negative), 1 second concentric (positive) and 1 second isometric contraction (squeeze). With mixture of compound and isolation exercises to increase muscle size and detail during the program. Rest 90 seconds.

Superset Three

15 reps utilising your type 2a muscle fibres, crucial for better overall muscle development. The increased blood flow delivers a bigger muscular pump, which can lead to greater growth because of the stretch it places on the muscle cells and fascia. Rest 60 seconds.

Superset Four

Lifting a lighter weight for 20 reps with minimal rest will burn more calories during the workout itself. Having depleted your glycogen (carbohydrates) already, your body will be forced to use its fat stores as an energy source. Rest 30 seconds.

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The chest is such a noticeable muscle group. it is always first to walk into a room and therefore it is very important in a balanced physique to have an impressive big chest. The chest is used in pushing and wrapping your arms round something. The chest is made up of two main muscles.

The upper region of the chest muscle fibres originate in the anterior portion of the clavicle, and insert into the humerus – (the upper arm bone.) These muscle fibres can be referred to as the ‘clavicular fibres.’

The lower, and also the largest region of the chest muscle fibres originate in the sternum, and also insert into the humerus. These muscle fibres can be referred to as the ‘sternocostal fibres.’

Chest is a muscle that is hit best by heavy pressing movements. as the chest looks best with mass and the best way to get mass is by using heavy pressing movements. People often think that the chest is a large muscle group but compared to the rest in the body it is really only a medium sized muscle group. therefore not needing too many sets.


The back is such a large muscle group compiled of approximately 17 muscles. These are grouped into three different packages of muscles: Upper back / neck, superficial mid / lower Back and smaller deeper muscles.

Ultimately, what this means is that isolation of specific muscles is more difficult than in the limbs. A better way to think about back training is to consider the various 3 dimensional movements that can occur in this area.


The shoulder is one of the most complex joints of the body. Any movement you do, let’s take an example, pushing and pulling,
you somehow involve your shoulder muscles . Simply speaking when performing compound exercises like Bench press, dead lifts; you involve all your shoulder muscles. Can you think of many exercises that don’t require the engagement of the shoulders? Even lifting a single dumbbell from dumbbell rack needs work from the shoulders.


The arms are an incredibly important group of muscles when it comes to achieving an aesthetic, proportional physique. Not only do big arms look good, strong arms also contribute massively to strength in all Upper-body compound exercises, such as the Bench Press and the Barbell Bent-over Row. As you train other body parts, you will essentially train your arms as well as they come in to play through out a number of different exercises. Every arm workout I will expect you to great an insane pump!


Training Legs involves some of the more complex movements in the gym, but there are many different exercises you can perform and in plenty of different ways to enhance and grow your legs; one of the biggest and most difficult muscle groups to work on.

People often underestimate how many muscles actually need to be trained in order to achieve a desirable, balanced physique, and work on the assumption that just training the quads will assist their goals of packing on the mass.

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CARDIOhero 6

You’re probably thinking why I have included only two cardio workouts if the main goal of the program is to build muscle and burn body fat. Superset four within the HERO sessions is like the equivalent of doing HIT cardio but with weights. This will not only reduce the risk of muscle breakdown from too much cardio but keep motivation high at all times as you don’t have to spend hours on a treadmill.
You will have the option of either 20 minutes HIT cardio or 40 minute steady state. If you’re carrying a lot of body fat to start with go for HIT. If you’re pretty lean to start with, alternate the two. This will of course aid fat loss, but also enhance your cardiovascular capacity to recover between sets, improve blood flow and remove lactic acid more efficiently. As a result you will be able to lift more throughout the workouts.
Monitor progress on a weekly basis, if you’re not getting leaner look to gradually increase your cardio.  If you’re doing HERO sessions to maximum intensity you should not need drastic amounts of cardio.


HERO sessions are a lot of reps and a lot of sets but spending a maximum of an hour a day, six days a week for six weeks isn’t much if you want to build muscle and burn fat faster than you ever have before. Make every rep of every set count! Start your training now by downloading the PRINTABLE HERO SESSIONS CALENDAR and CLICK HERE to start Day 1 of the programme!

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