International Women's Day: Kara Halliwell



Q. When did you start CrossFit and what initially inspired you?



I first tried CrossFit in October 2012, I decided to give it a go as a way of keeping fit as my boyfriend had been doing it a couple of months and I wanted a new challenge as oppose to the usual bootcamp/circuit type of training. It wasn’t until around March 2013 that I started to train more than a couple of times a week and started to incorporate extra training as well as the classes at CrossFit JST.


Q. Who is your biggest inspiration/role model?



It’s difficult to name one as there are so many all for different reasons…

Sam Briggs, Ragnheidur Sara Sigmundsdottir and Lauren Fisher.


Q. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?



Individually – English Weightlifting Champion (-69kg) 2015 and Qualifying for the Athlete Games 2015.

Team – Winning Strength in Depth 2014 with CrossFit JST


Q. What is your training like?
Do you set yourself regular goals and targets?



I have long term goals but I try not to think about them on a daily basis. I tend to focus on each day as it happens because ether is that many different aspects to CrossFit training it is very easy to stress yourself out about goals and targets if they don’t happen as you would like. I just like to enjoy training and know that I am giving training everything i’ve got day in, day out.


Q. If you had to choose a single CrossFit move what would it be?



Power Snatch


Q. Do you have a favourite place to compete/train?



My favourite place to train is obviously my home box CrossFit JST! As for competing, I haven’t done that many competitions yet so I would say it’s a tough call between Ballerup Super Arena in Denmark where the CrossFit European Regionals 2014 was held and the Phones4U Arena in Manchester where I competed in The Athlete Games – to have a home crowd cheering me on was brilliant.


Q. What is your focus right now?



I have two:

The CrossFit Open – 5 weeks worth of qualifying workouts to help get ‘CrossFit JST Black’ to the CrossFit European Regionals 2015.

Golden Chance British Weightlifting – This is a talent ID scheme run by BWL to ultimately be part of the development squad for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The next round of the campaign is a two day camp at Loughborough University 23/24 March where 6 girls will be selected to be part of the full time confirmation program starting in April.


Q. What will be your greatest challenge in 2015?



My biggest challenge is always to improve my own performance.


Q. What advice would you give young women
aspiring to succeed in CrossFit?



Train hard and listen to your body so that you rest and recover properly. Enjoy your training, don’t get too hung up on your performance if you have a bad day, draw a line under it and start a fresh.



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