International Women's Day: Corinne Evans



Q. When did you start surfing – what initially inspired you?



I had my first Surf lesson at the age of 15. I loved the feeling of being in the ocean but initially felt a little intimidated to push my surfing any further. As I got older and more confident I gradually surfed more and more and at the age of 19 I knew I wanted to surf every day! I used to look through girls surf magazines longing for that lifestyle… and now I have it!



Q. Who is your biggest inspiration?



I don’t think I have just one person who inspires me. I take inspiration from lots of people, my friends, family, people I’ve worked with. I try to surround myself with positive inspiring people!



Q. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?



The fact that I can say I live my dreams is a real achievement. One I never thought would happen. Working hard and having a goal is what got me to where I am and I try to inspire others to do the same.



Q. What has been your favourite destination to surf so far?



At the moment I would have to say the Maldives. The waves over there are so fun and there’s loads to choose from. Crystal clear water, perfect waves and sunshine… it doesn’t get much better than that.



Q. What has been your most fearful surfing experience?



I’ve had a couple, both of which were whilst of surf shoots. The first one would be in Mexico, we had to get out of the water because of a shark… a big shark might I add! This is something I hoped would never happen but lucky we got out in time before it got too close.


The second is in the Maldives, the surf as quite big, maybe a tad too big for me but I wanted to push myself, so I paddled out anyway. I ended up a little too deep and too shallow to make it under a big set and ended up under the water for what felt like a lifetime. I had to keep calm and relaxed to save my oxygen and limit my chances of hitting the reef, once I came up another wave hit me so I was straight back under. Needless to say when I paddled back the channel I needed a minute to catch my breath.



Q. What advice would you give young women aspiring to surf?




Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back. I spent way too many years worrying about what people would say or think of me surfing that it hindered me. If you want to surf and be a surfer girl then do it! Keep yourself fit and healthy, surf as much as you can and above all enjoy yourself.



Q. If you could only pick one
Myprotein product what would you choose and why?



This is so hard, I have so many I like. At the moment I would say my personal favourite is from the Health and Wellbeing range and its Superfood XS, I love adding this to water or juice in the morning, it gives me a great boost of energy to start the day.



Q. What is your training like?
Do you set yourself regular goals and targets?



My constant goal is to stay strong, lean and flexible without losing my feminine curves. Leading a healthy active lifestyle is something that I do every day. I set myself goals and targets for my surfing and training to ensure I never get complacent.


As a surfer I try to keep my core strong and muscles supple to reduce the risk of injury. I practice Yoga and Pilates as well as incorporating HIIT training and running to ensure I get a full body work out every week.



Q. What is the most challenging aspect of surfing?



Surfing in the Winter can get pretty hard. Motivation is usually at an all-time low so I really have to dig deep to get myself in the sea.

When it’s cold wet and windy the last thing you want to do is jump in the sea, but when the waves are good you just have to get out there.

In the winter it’s a constant battle with you brain, part of you wants to just snuggle up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a movie whilst the other part is telling you to get out into the ocean and catch some waves. It’s making sure that the lazy side doesn’t take over haha!

I am lucky enough that I have some great Skins Wetsuits to keep me warm and it’s never as cold as you think it’s going to be.



Q. What is your focus right now?



Keeping fit, healthy, happy and trying to push my surfing to the next level. I am trying to focus on my technique a lot more and work out where I am going wrong and how I can improve on it.



Q. What will be your greatest Challenge in 2015?



My biggest challenge for 2015 is going to be bettering 2014. It was a great year and every year I strive for more. Keeping focussed on my goals and ensuring I am motivated to achieve them is always tough, especially when I always set the bar so high. Oh and also trying to plan a wedding….I think that may be my biggest challenge to date haha.



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