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Simeon Panda:
Set specific goals and be clear what you want to achieve – this will keep you motivated and on track”



Terry Hollands:
 “Keep a diary- look back a year ago and see the progress. Sometimes it feels like you’re not progressing which can affect motivation but you are- just slowly”



The Harrison Twins:
Set a routine and stick to it”



Nina Ross:
 “Be realistic with yourself and make sure your resolution is achievable.”



Sergi Constance:
Stay motivated with short-term goals, when you have the motivation it all becomes easier.”



Kirk Miller:
 “The key word is consistency. Be consistent EVERY week with nutrition, supplements and training.”



Nina Ioanna:
“Motivate the mind and the body will follow!”



KaraParis Halliwell:
“Impossible isn’t That Far”



Jonny Mellor:
 “My biggest piece of advice to any aspiring athlete is that consistency is key.”



Kaz Van Der Waard:
 Don’t try to stay consistent, always try to improve.”



Sean Dyche Manager at Burnley FC :
I always urge my players not to set limits- be the player that makes the difference”.



Head of Strength & Conditioning Matt Daniels at St Helens R.F.C :
“It is important to work hard but recovery is massive part of optimising training and will be key in ensuring you achieve your goals and motivation”



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