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Fit Mum Q&A | Exclusive Interview with Abby Pell & Nina Ross


We caught up with two of our Fit Mum ambassadors to find out what motivates them to remain in incredible shape – and exactly how to do it whilst having children!


Abby Pell

WBFF PRO – Bikini Champ

abby pell fitmum

Q1: How Do You Make Good Health Part of Your Parenting?


Like any good mother I want my daughter to make healthy choices. I don’t forbid anything because I’m sure if I did she would want it more. I try my best to educate her about the benefits of being healthy with regards to exercise and food and the negatives of not being healthy.

She’s really clever and we operate an everything in moderation approach!

Q2: Top Tips for Eating Healthy As A Family?


It’s not always easy to cook family meals that suit everyone, especially if one or more of you are following a strict eating plan. I tend to make up big meals like chilli, cottage pie, or Thai curry and then freeze them in portions. This means when dinner time comes there is an option for everyone and I’ll make smaller portions for my little lady.

I’ve always got plenty of fresh fruit, veg, eggs, chicken and fish in the house too, so it’s not too hard to rustle up something if someone’s hungry!

Q3: Top Tips For Exercising As A Family?


We do lots of fun things as a family including walks, bike rides and swimming. My daughter is extremely energetic, so I try to do fun things with her at weekends that encourage her to be active.

My gym has a kids corner which allows children from the age of 8 years old to get to grips with some of the simpler cardio machines. My daughter knows what a big part of my life health and fitness is and at the moment she seems keen to follow in my footsteps when she’s older!

Q4: Top Tips For Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule?


I’ve made exercise part of my daily & weekly routine. So many people say they don’t have time, but if it’s important you’ll make time. At first I would squeeze in workouts whenever I could, spending quite a few early mornings and late nights in the gym.

Now the gym is where I go to unwind, and in my mind an hour’s workout is only 4% of your day. Once you get in the habit of going regularly it becomes natural to include exercise as part of your day.

Q. Most Important Fitness Tips For Working Mums?


There is something out there for everyone, if you can’t make it to a gym workout at home. Taking time out to be active and exercise is not being selfish, it’s important for your well-being and it makes you a better role model for your kids.

I personally think on the days I work out I’m more productive for the rest of the day, plus exercising releases endorphins, endorphins, endorphins – making you happy, happy, happy – which means happy kids!

Nina Ross

IFFB PRO – Bikini

push up beginner exercises

Q1: Top Tips For Fitting Exercise Into Your Schedule?


There is always time to fit exercise in, exercise can be done from home, on lunch breaks or when the kids are sleeping. I think its about having the right tools and seeing visible results that makes you motivated and actually want to find that time.

If you feel you don’t get results then your sacrifices don’t seem worth it, so my tip is to record your progress- take photos, use a journal and take measurements.

Q2: Top Tips For Exercising As A Family?


Weekends are about having fun and relaxing and fitting exercise in the day. For me I make sure that our activities involve something for everyone, therefore making exercise part of our family weekend.

This includes anything from swimming, tennis, walking or even going to the gym together! There are also many family friendly gyms around.

Q3: What Motivates You To Exercise On A Daily Basis?


I see exercise as my therapy, my time for me and my time to energise myself and clear my mind. I find this time and sacrificed many other things to be able to use my time productively, as opposed to wasting time.

This has allowed me to make a career out of fitness, at first though I never ever imagined by transforming my body would transform my life!

Q. What Are Your Most Important Fitness Tips For Working Mums?


CONSISTENCY and  PATIENCE! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Q5: What Are Your Top Tips For Staying Motivated?


Set yourself realistic goals. Start thinking you can, that way you will start believing and visualising what you want to become.

You are your own barrier therefore over come this and start making time for yourself and give yourself a personal goal – this is how my fitness success began!

Our Fit Mum Ambassadors are both keen to keep their children healthy, happy and active. The use of healthy alternatives is a great way of ensuring your children are full of goodness without the stubborn sulks. From Grizzly bars packed with grains and protein to Bubbly Multivitamins containing a range of vitamins and minerals. Myprotein’s Little Beast range is the ideal lunchbox companion.


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