Week 4 is here!! Be proud of yourself. You have given your body the time of its life by providing it with all sorts of vitamins, minerals and healthy & clean food.

Things will get easier from now on. Your body has already got used to the new plans and will now start to use fat as a source of energy. Very important to stick to the plan to find out what is the combo that works for you the best; more cardio, more heavy weight or 50-50.

On week 4 the emphasis will be on cardio, week 5 is 50-50 cardio and gym workouts and week 6 is more about heavy weights and less cardio.

When you stick to the plans 100%, you can find out during the next 3 weeks what kind of a plan works for you. Great chance for you to get “tools” for the rest of your life! We are all different and one plan does not work for everybody! Regarding macronutrients (the amount of carbs, proteins and fats) there is not much difference between the 3 next weeks. This way you will be able to find out what kind of workout regime works for you when consuming very little calories, yet healthy and nutritious food.

This week you want to make sure you are consuming the correct amount of calories and macronutrients. Very important!! We want to be as precise as possible, so make sure you are following the plan 100%.
Mix & Match as you please!
Make sure to always have 1 option from each group (A,B,C) on each meal. Have 5 meals daily.
Supplements are listed below.


100g All white fish
80g Chicken or Turkey
4 Egg whites


150g in total
Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cucumber,
Lettuce, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Onion

(If you had some stomach aches on week 1, you might want to leave out broccoli and cauliflower or do an experiment for few days to see whether consuming them is causing you stomach aches or not)


1tsp olive oil / coconut oil / MCT oil
6 almonds / cashew nuts
3 brazilian nuts


Have as much as you like!
Spinach, Lettuce


50g Apple / Pear / Peach
20g Instant Oats or Buckwheat


These supplements are to be taken TWICE a day.
25g Impact Whey Protein (100kcal)
MCT oil caps. / 1tsp MCT oil / 1scoop MCT powder (before workout)

Vitamin C (immunity, energy, digestion)

Vitamin B6 & B12 (stress levels, focus, mind)

Zinc & Magnesium or ZMA (before bed for recovery and immnunity)


MONDAY TREAT! Change 1 meal to:

Pancakes: 25g Impact whey + 20g oats + 10g coconut oil + 50g strawberries + 2tsp peanut butter

SUNDAY CHEAT MEAL!! Change 1 meal to :

100g potatoes + 150g lean beef steak + 20g cheese + vegetables



If you having any kind of joint pain, make sure you are performing the moves right. Always keep your core tight when exercising to avoid straining the back. When squatting, make  sure to keep your weight on your heels instead of the toes to avoid straining the knees. MSM powder will help with joint aches if tendency to get these sorts of aches.


Try finish the rounds as quick as possible. Only rest between the rounds. Rest as long as you want to, everything between 30 and 90 seconds is fine.
The workouts provided here can all be done either home or at the gym. For the home workout you need preferably some dumbbells. When barbell is stated on the plan, dumbbells can easily be used as a substitute.

Remember how you did on the very 1st week and compare to the performance of this week! 100% sure you will do so much better! Might go heavier, faster or in general do better.


“Motivate the mind and the body will follow!”




To be done either separately in the morning, or after gym workout.
TUESDAY Treadmill 30mins, Incline 10.0, Speed 5.0
THURSDAY Cross trainer 30mins
FRIDAY Rowing Machine 10mins + Bike 20mins
SATURDAY Treadmill 45mins, Incline 0.0, Speed 7.5




3 Rounds
12 Dumbbell stationary lunges
12 Wide barbell squats
12 Narrow barbell squats
12 Bench barbell sit-ups
8 Single leg bench sit-up
60-90sec Plank


2 Rounds (go light to finish the reps in one go!)
25 Dumbbell press-ups
25 Side lateral raises
25 Side lateral raises (thumbs pointing up)
15 Push-ups (military style or on the knees)
15 Barbell curls
20 Single arm barbell curl
25 Tricep dip push-up

6 Rounds on Bike
1mins low pace
2min intense
1min standing


3 Rounds
25 Alternate split jumps
25 Explosive push-ups (military style or on knees)
25 Burpees J Not many weeks left!!! Go girl!
25 Wide squat jumps
25 Narrow squat jumps
25 Double crunch
60-90sec Plank


4 Rounds
15 Single arm row
20 Upright row
20 Wide barbell squat (go heavy!)
60-90sec Plank, alternate leg raises
20 Back single leg raises
20 Lay back leg raises
20 Single leg hip thrusters