Active Women

Check Out Myprotein’s Latest Active Women Range

Join Myprotein and celebrate feminism, strength and determination amongst active women.

Tackle the challenges and achieve your goals with Myprotein’s latest female range. Below are some of the products which offer unlimited benefits to the female body, representing athleticism and ambition in their own unique way.

Gain a healthy body and mind, all year round!

vegan blend

Active Women Vegan Blend


Discover the power of plant-based protein with our newly sourced Vegan Blend. This delicious shake is packed with vitamins and minerals to enhance your health and well-being. The formulation is perfect for calorie controlled and weight-loss diets with less than 90 calories per shake!


Looking for a non-dairy protein source to boost your daily protein intake? Look no further! This easy-to-consume, convenient blend is perfect for active women on-the-go!

Liquid carnitine

Active Woman Liquid L-Carnitine


Regardless of your fitness goals, L-Carnitine is the perfect addition to your supplement regime. Boasting 500mg of L-Carnitine per capsule, this premium grade amino acid supports your body throughout the toughest sessions.


Whether you are a yoga queen or bodybuilder, this supplement is the ideal choice for those looking to tighten the waistline, reduce tiredness and maintain a healthy balanced diet.

diet capsules

Active Women Diet Capsules


Looking for a quick fix? Our fast acting Diet Capsules have been specifically formulated to help support slimming. Containing a blend of vitamins and minerals, alongside natural energisers, these capsules are the ideal choice for any woman embarking on a weight-loss journey.


Enjoy a daily boost at any time of day, whether you’re at home, in the office or working out at the gym, these capsules are easy-to-consume, convenient and not to be missed!

pre workout

Active Women Pre-Workout


Ultimately the perfect pre-gym energy kick! Formulated using natural sources and keeping caffeine content to a minimum, our Pre-Workout provides a natural energy boost to help you through those late night workouts.


Containing coconut water, vitamin C, caffeine, green tea extract and BCAAs, we put females in mind, scientifically selecting the right active ingredients whilst producing a number of tongue tantalising flavours.

hair skin and nails

Active Women Hair, Skin And Nails


We can’t turn the clocks back; however, we can reverse the ageing process. We introduce you to a versatile, unique product for the active woman.


A breakthrough supplement which has been proven to improve skin hydration and elasticity, the ideal choice for active women looking to repair, regenerate and replenish their hair, skin and nails.

cranberry plus

Active Woman Cranberry Plus


Rich in vitamins and minerals, Cranberry Plus is the perfect supplement for all female individuals looking to complement their healthy balanced diet. Using natural ingredients, this easy-to-consume cranberry extract is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those with gluten allergies/intolerances.


Each capsule consumed is equivalent to 25000mg of fresh cranberries, not to mention 50% of your daily intake of vitamin C and E! Enhance your health and immunity with Cranberry Plus.

diet bland

Active Women Diet Blend


A research driven Diet Blend, designed specifically for the active woman. Simply add water or milk, shake and indulge in this cutting edge innovation. Our expert development team have ensured your daily protein intake is met, boasting 20g protein per serving and only 96 calories, what more could you ask for?


Available in 3 natural and succulent flavours which are exclusive to the Active Women range. Go on, try it!


Active Women Collagen & Coconut With Vitamin C


Discover your inner beauty with our innovative female skin care supplements. Active Women Collagen & Coconut capsules contain trending ingredients which provide the body with an abundance of health benefits. This multi-purpose beauty supplement is perfect to consume on-the-go, whenever, wherever.


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