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Stay Motivated | Appreciate Where You Began

Written by Sarah Curran

Stay Motivated

Often, our motivation levels are super high at the start of making a commitment to living a fit and healthy lifestyle, but how can we stay motivated even when the going gets tough a few weeks or months in?


Appreciate Where You Began


Take some time out to reflect on where you began. Sometimes getting fit and living a healthier lifestyle can feel a bit overwhelming. This can especially be the case when you still have a lot of distance to go regarding the journey towards your goals.


By taking the time to appreciate the progress you have already made, you can find the strength to continue to make more. Don’t underestimate the power of taking stock of the progress you have already made and celebrate all your victories no matter how small they may seem.

Review & Amend Where Necessary


Make sure that you take the time to reflect upon the training and dietary changes you have made, and be aware of how they are working for you at present. Your body is a master at adaptation, and you will need to make changes every now and again to keep things moving in the right direction.


By paying attention to how things are working out for you as you go along, it will be much easier to take note and evaluate if you need to make any changes to keep your results coming.

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Appreciate Your Health


Looking great is fantastic, and we all want to look our best and fit into our goal jeans, but really there is so much more to appreciate on your fitness journey. Make sure you acknowledge the improvements you have made to your health and fitness and not just the visual improvements that you are making.


Maybe you can climb the stairs at work without feeling totally out of breath, your blood profile may have improved from your last check up at the doctors, or maybe you are lifting heavier weights than when you first began training. These are all milestones you should note, appreciate and pat yourself on the back for achieving!

Update Your Playlist


Music can be your best friend when you are pushing through a challenging workout, and there are plenty of free apps you can use on your phone with the gym’s wifi to play some of your favourite tunes as you train. Take the time to treat yourself to an updated playlist with all your favourite tracks to give you a boost at the gym.


Explore New Recipes


Eating healthily and purposely to reach your goals does not have to be dull and boring. Myprotein has so many great ideas online for recipes and meal prep to keep your food varied and interesting.


Try your hand at some new recipes in the kitchen and impress your friends and family with your culinary skills. You will get brownie points for sharing your favourite recipes with your friends while also helping everyone to eat healthily.

Stay Patient


It may be easier said than done, but take comfort in the fact that consistency is the key and changes take time. Make sure you stick with a programme for at least a month to six weeks before you decide to change it.


Just as it’s important to not do the same thing at the same intensity for too long, it is also super important to give your programme a chance to work too. Stick with it and your hard work will pay off over time.

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Try Visualisation


The power of the mind is a great thing, and using visualisation as a tool to reach your goals is a very effective way to push your motivation levels through the roof. This technique is used by some of the top athletes in the world and their coaches. Simply visualise where you want to be each day before training, and see yourself in your mind achieving your goals. Your confidence and motivation levels will soar!


It can be tough to stay motivated to keep up a healthy lifestyle, especially a few weeks into the process when the novelty may have worn off and you are finding training to be hard work. Try these tips to stay motivated and reach your goals!

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