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Written by Sarah Curran

No Excuses, No Expense Required, No Negativity

One of the major barriers many people see when it comes to getting fit is the expense of joining a gym or taking some fitness classes, but this doesn’t have to be the case! There are so many great ways to get fit for free, and as a bonus, meet many other like-minded ladies and gentlemen with the same goals as you! Here are some suggestions on how to get fit for free!

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Join a walking/running group


Depending on your level of fitness, you could join a walking or running group. Of course, you can certainly walk or run around your local park alone, although there are some serious benefits to joining a group or club.


Exercising in a group can really help you to push yourself that little bit harder when you are lacking in motivation, but there is also a lot to be said for there being safety in numbers in the winter months, especially if you are walking or jogging in areas that can be isolated such as a park or even the beach in the evening.

Hit up your local park for a training session


Most parks have all the ‘equipment’ you need for a great workout. If you are lucky, you may even have a playground you can use for exercises such as pull-ups on the monkey bars! You can use benches for step ups and tricep dips, and if you are lucky enough to have some hills at your disposal, you have the perfect terrain for some hill sprints to really get your heart rate up! Some parks even hold free exercise classes; check your local council website to see if there is any being held in your area.

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Visit the beach


The beach is a fantastic place to train due to the sand providing a whole other challenge of its own. You also have the choice of running on different terrains from the harder sand to the softer sand. This is also the perfect terrain for high impact exercises as the sand will help to cushion your landing. Vary your exercises with sprints in the sand for a super tough workout that will have your legs and glutes burning!

Your sitting room


Especially suited for rainy weather, your sitting room is the perfect place for a good sweat session once you move furniture out of the way to make space. Sometimes the weather is far too bad to train outside, and this is where your trusty sitting room comes into its own.


Exercises that are great for your sitting room and will get your heart rate up include burpees and tuck jumps. You can also use your stairs or a sturdy bench to do tricep dips. You can have a great bodyweight session done in a short time making it as high or low intensity as you like.


Free workouts


There is a huge abundance of free workouts that you can do online, saving you the expense of hiring a trainer or joining a gym. Check out The Zone for some great home based workouts that you can do at home or outside with no equipment. Youtube is also a great place to source workouts for free that you can do using your body weight and little to no equipment.

Take home message


You certainly don’t need an expensive gym membership to get fit and healthy this year! Try out these suggestions and get fit for free! As always, before you begin a new exercise program discuss it with your doctor at first.


If you plan to train at night, make sure you wear suitable and reflective clothing to ensure you can be seen by drivers on the road. It is always better to train with a friend or group at night but try and avoid badly lit and isolated areas.  Bring some water out with you and stay hydrated!

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