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Look After Your Skin At The Gym | Top Tips

Written by Sarah Curran

How To Care For Your Skin At The Gym

Skincare is really important when you exercise, your skin, hair and nails can be vulnerable during and after a workout. Therefore, we put together a number of top tips to help keep your skin clear and radiant throughout your sessions.

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Strip Down Before You Train


Make-up that is! The worst thing you can do as appealing as it may be is to train with a face full of makeup. This is where many gym goers’ issues begin. It’s nice to feel nice, but getting your sweat on with a face full of makeup will potentially cause breakouts.


Sweat and foundation do not make a good combination, especially if your foundation is also set with powder and fixing spray. As you sweat, your pores open, this means if you wear make-up whilst training, you can cause some serious congestion on your face, resulting in more spots than a leopard.

Clean Your Face Post-Training Too!


Make sure you take the time to clean your face after a training session too. A sweaty face is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, leading to spots. If you have no access to a sink, using make-up wipes are better than nothing, just make sure you use something to get rid of that grime created during your training session.

Stay Hydrated


Hydration during training is super important for performance and health, it also has a profound impact on your skin’s health too. Make sure you drink enough of the clear stuff to keep your skin in tip-top shape after every training session.


Avoid The Tanning Beds


There is a huge rise in gyms providing members with tanning beds they can use after a training session, and my advice to you is to avoid these beds at all costs.


Faking a healthy glow with self-tanner is so much better for your skin and health, and contrary to many people’s beliefs, these beds can do a lot of harm by potentially causing skin cancer and also ageing your skin prematurely.

Don’t Forget The SPF


Although most of us take SPF moisturiser for granted, the advantages of applying SPF before we leave the house are second to none. There is a high presence of ageing rays from the sun even during the winter months, therefore it’s important to reapply your moisturiser throughout the day, all year round.

Wear Suitable Clothing


Opt for breathable fabrics rather than anything that is likely to suffocate your skin when you workout. This is especially important for those that suffer from back acne, as many people will sweat heavily in this area and it provides bacteria with a great breeding ground to thrive and promote spots.


Put It In A Bun And Handle It


At the least, put your hair up in a ponytail and keep it off your face. Again this will help prevent those annoying breakouts, especially on your back and hairline.


Avoid applying any leave-in conditioners on your head too. Heat is great for these products, but wearing them training can cause congestion in your skin around your hairline and scalp and may cause spots.

Change Your Sweat Bands Or Towel


It may sound like common sense, but it can be easy to forget to swap your old sweat towel for a new one every session. It is, however, an important habit to keep as an old sweat towel will harbour bacteria that will cause spots.


It may also seem like common sense, but warrants being mentioned, do not use a towel on your face that you have used to wipe equipment with. You are basically collecting everyone’s germs and bacteria from their sweat and putting it on your face. This again may cause breakouts, but is also a way of catching any viruses or bugs going!

Follow these tips to avoid any annoying breakouts.

Keep your skin clear, healthy and radiant throughout all your training sessions.


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