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An Exclusive Interview With Surfer & Model | Corinne Evans

Corinne Evans



When have you been bold, made a change and what were the results?


This year I decided to stop eating meat, go organic and stop eating processed food. The results have been amazing. I feel better mentally and physically.


What is your favourite exercise?


I love so many; it is hard to choose from them all. HIIT is great for surfing and I also love Pilates to keep my core strong for the waves.


Have you ever felt self-conscious at the gym? If so, how did you deal with it?


Yes! 100%. It’s hard to feel confident all the time but I pushed myself and made sure I didn’t let my insecurities stop me from doing what I love.


Do you have a cheat day?


Yes, but I wouldn’t refer to it as a cheat day. It’s just about having balance. I love pizza, especially when it has lots of cheese and vegetables! Mmmmm!


Who is your favourite superhero?


Wonderwoman! Who else? She is bold, beautiful and kicks ass!


If you could have one bit of advice for all the women in the world, what would it be?


Be yourself. Don’t try and be someone you’re not. Love who you are, every day.


How do you switch off?


I love to slouch on the sofa with a herbal tea. In the summer, I love a beach day! The sounds of the waves are so relaxing. Plus, everyone is in a good mood at the gym.


Where is your favourite surfing spot? And who is your surfing partner?


I love to surf in Barbados, it is amazing! My husband works for Surfboard; we spend our free time on the waves and love it. I would love to visit Japan and America- that’s my next plan!

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