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An Exclusive Interview With Top Fitness Model | Jessica Lauren

Jessica Lauren


When have you been bold, made a change and what were the results?


I think it’s bold to follow your heart in spite of everybody that’s constantly dropping their opinions on you. I grew up studying very hard and doing my homework every weekend. I felt unhappy so I quit my studies, gave up my apartment. My best friend and I went to Greece to take over a hotel.

Due to the economic situation, we had to cancel. So we said goodbye to Greece & returned to Amsterdam. It was there that my friend convinced me to start a social media career which was not understood at all back then! Results? We’re both very grateful to be able to do what we love most every day. Is there anything better than that?


What motivated you to change your lifestyle?


Maybe a bit cheesy but all these beautiful Instagram girls were a big inspiration to me. I was extremely dedicated back then and no one around me really understood me. Counting macros, drinking shakes and taking supplements, training every day, not going out anymore, these fit girls made me feel like I wasn’t the only one who was extremely happy with this new lifestyle. It gave me so much energy!


Have you ever felt self-conscious at the gym? How did you deal with it?


Gym time is YOU-time. Keep that in mind. You don’t owe anyone any conversation while you’re training. So deal with it by putting on your headphones and killing your workout so you can go home satisfied.


Do you have a specific diet plan that you follow?


I definitely did have one. However, I figured out a balance in my life between eating healthy, looking good and feeling good too! Abs are really cool to have but they come with a sacrifice. So I like to give myself a few months off when I just maintain a healthy shape.


What is your go-to guilty pleasure?


Definitely Ben & Jerry’s! At the moment: One sweet world.


Did anyone, in particular, inspire you to make a difference?


I’ve always felt a little different, even though I could get along well with everybody around me. My mind was somewhere else and I wanted other things than most people. I was blessed to grow up with power women like my mum and grandmother, they give me the feeling that when I put my mind to something, It’s limitless.


If you could compare yourself to an inspirational woman- who would it be?


Not specifically one woman. I’ve always admired an independent strong woman, with their feet on the ground. Grinding to make everything possible they’ve ever wanted. And being compassionate too, thinking about others around you is really important to me.


How do you balance your training/family time and social life?


I train every morning, standard routine. I try to make as much time as possible for my family because I’m such a family girl. About social life… The truth is, I work hard and that means that social life isn’t really high on the list. But I do plan fun things occasionally! I need girls’ time too!


If you could have one quote for all the women in the world, what would it be?


Such a cliché but I always think about Beyoncé. “Who run the world? GIRLS!” Seriously! We are the strong gender out there. We can work our asses off, take care of our man, our babies, our families. And why couldn’t we look flawless while doing that too?


Who would you like to have coffee with?


My grandmothers. If only they could be on this planet for one more cup of coffee.


You received instant fame- why is that?


My boyfriend is very supportive; he is there every step of the way. He takes my social media images and shares them to a range of women who want to follow in my footsteps, so I need to be realistic.

For me, it was key to be real. You need to be truthful to the audience, maintain a healthy lifestyle which is actually achievable and be you. Nobody is asking you to be different.

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