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An Exclusive Interview With Online Fitness Blogger | Scola Dondo

Scola Dondo



What motivated you to change your lifestyle?


In my younger years, I was obese, which didn’t help at school. I was bullied on a daily basis due to my weight, I just wanted people to like me for who I am. I decided to make a change, my goal was to lose weight and put a stop to the bullying.


What is your favourite exercise?


I love all sorts of exercises, but in particular, I love running and dancing. I love to dance freestyle and let my body do whatever it feels! This music really helps, it makes me forget the outside world and concentrate on myself.


Have you ever felt self-conscious at the gym? How did you deal with it?


I still feel self-conscious at the gym, even after losing all that weight. I find gyms very male orientated and the environment is very clicky. I don’t wear make-up to the gym; I am there to workout, like everyone else! I put my headphones in and my best gym attire on, that way I look good working out to my favourite music whilst forgetting everyone else is in the room.

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Do you have a cheat day?


Who doesn’t? I try to be healthy all the time and I was a lot stricter with my diet at the start of my weight-loss program. Now, I look after myself and treat myself when I feel as though I have earned it. I love chip shop chips on a Saturday night (not every week), just when I feel proud and happy with myself.


If you could compare yourself to an inspirational woman- who would it be?


I wouldn’t necessarily compare myself to anyone, but I look up to Serena Williams. There aren’t many women in the sports industry which I feel I can relate to. Serena and I have similar appearances and we both want to be successful. Surely that is inspiring?


Do you think social media has an impact on individual’s health and well-being? If so – why?


I definitely think it makes a difference. I have learnt so much from social media, I found diet plans, workout programs and general tips and advice on how to be healthy. You don’t learn enough at school, PE is a great way of getting children active, but does it inform them on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle? I don’t think it did when I was at school.


Now that you have lost a lot of the weight you aimed for, what is your next goal?


I no longer focus on the way I look, I focus on the way I feel. I love my running, therefore I look forward to racing. I am taking part in the Tower 42 challenge this year, I can’t wait!


What tip would you give to those looking to lose weight?


Get yourself in the right mindset, have a valid reason as to why you want to change and be solid! You need motivation, which is a skill in itself. Be proud, be you and be determined.

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