30 day Workout Challenges


Looking for a quick fitness fix?

Unfortunetly getting fit and in shape isn’t easy and it requires hard work and a good diet, but with these 30 day fitness challenges you’ll be one step closer  to your dream figure.

Here at Myprotein we’re giving you the ultimate challenges including the 30 day ab challenge, 30 day squat challenge, 30 day arm challenge, 30 day cardio challenge, 30 day lunge challenge and 30 day plank challenge!

Start with one 30 day workout challenge and progress on to the next, or even do them together- whatever you do… try your best and stick it out!

Let us know how you got on… email your progress photos to Jenny.Watt@thehutgroup.com

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30 day AB Challenge

30 day Squat Challenge

30 day Arm Challenge

30 day Cardio Challenge

30 day Lunge Challenge

30 day Plank Challenge