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Alison Flevill

The average person spends over 1800 hours a year at work so it’s no wonder that we pick up some bad habits along the way. From the way we sit to what we eat and drink, the workplace can be one hell of an unhealthy place to be – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

All you need to do is make a conscious effort to follow our top tips below and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, and all round happier, working life.

#1 Ditch the chair

If your job requires you to sit behind a desk all day then you’re in serious danger of damaging your health – both long and short term.
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Sitting for more than six hours a day can increase your risk of heart disease & diabetes, lead to obesity and cause havoc with your metabolism.

But don’t worry – there are things you can do about it – like giving a standing desk a go, trading your chair in for a stability ball or practicing tip two below!

#2 Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is one of the most important things we can do. It helps to fight fatigue, flushes out toxins, can aid weight loss and improve our overall mood.

Keep a water bottle on your desk to sip throughout the day and make sure you’re eating lots of fruit & veg.

keep hydrated at work

Beware of too much caffeine which can have the opposite effect, instead stock up on herbal teas which will also provide you with a wealth of vitamins and minerals.

If you do drink coffee – make it up by drinking just as much water to hydrate yourself as caffeine is a diuretic!

#3 Get Moving

We all know that keeping active is one of the biggest things we can do to stay healthy but that doesn’t mean waiting until the end of the working day before hopping on the treadmill for 30mins and doing some squats. It means moving as much as physically possible.

If you don’t already walk to work try finding a parking spot further from your office or get off the bus a few stops earlier.

Walk to your meetings rather than hopping in a taxi, or you could even organise a walking meeting if your colleague or client is health conscious too.

Take 5 minutes away from your desk every hour to get your blood flowing; you could visit the toilet; go make a drink or even take it one step further and climb the office stairs to get your heart rate pumping.

#4 Plan your workouts

gym bag essentials

After a long day at work we know how difficult it can be to motivate yourself to workout, so make “scheduling in a meeting” with the gym just as important as a meeting with your clients. It’s not just important for your physical health but for your mental health too.

 Endorphins released through exercise will help trigger a positive mood, reducing the stress hormone cortisol – a must for any hard working businessman or woman.

#5 Stretch

Again this is important for anyone who spends most of their day cramped up behind a desk, but it’s especially important for those of us who put ourselves under extreme pressure at the gym afterwards.

In a nutshell, sitting all day and then throwing yourself into a strenuous workout is going to result in injury – unless we warm up and stretch out first.

Get some blood flowing around the body with a steady run or a row, before performing some basic static and dynamic stretches to switch on those muscles that have quite simply been switched off all day.

#6 Mindful eating

Most people snack when they are either stressed or bored, and aren’t really aware what or how much food they are consuming.

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Instead, try to become more mindful of what you are eating; taking time away from your desk to eat your meals and only eating when hungry.

✓ And whilst we are on the subject of food, make sure you have some healthy snacks to hand – whether it be an apple and peanut butter, some convenient protein snacks or some homemade healthy treats.

When you actually do need a snack you don’t run for the office biscuit tin (yes, we all have one!)

Take Home Message

A work life balance doesn’t just mean ‘work hard, play hard’, it means that work doesn’t have to get in the way of your health and it’s important to look after yourself, and even play sometimes, whilst you are at work.

Make health your priority and everything else will fall in to place!

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