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I am a big believer that if you want to get in shape then whole food should form the majority proportion of any diet. However, the hardest thing to do when you train is build muscle and get ripped at the same time so taking the right supplements alongside food at the right time is crucial. The intensity of the HERO sessions will test your physical and mental boundaries to the limit so attention to detail with supplementation is a must. You will repair and recover quicker, and maintain optimal mental focus and physical performance over the next 6 weeks.


Supplement Schedule


With breakfast:-

•    7.5g TOTAL NUTRI-GREENS (before breakfast)
•    1 teaspoon FLAX SEED POWDER


Just after breakfast:-

•    2-3 OMEGA 3-6-9 fish oil tablets
•    2 x CLA tablets
•    1 x VITAMIN C tablet
•    1 x L CARNITINE
•    1 x MAGNESIUM CITRATE tablet 500mg


With Meal 2 and 4:-

•    2-3 OMEGA 3-6-9 tablets
•    2 x CLA tablets


Pre Workout:-

•    5 to 10g BCAAS
•    5 to 10g L GLUTAMINE


Post Workout:-

•    5 to 10g BCAAS
•    5 to 10g L GLUTAMINE
•    1 x VITAMIN C tablet
•    1 x L CARNITINE tablet
•    2 x scoops IMPACT WHEY ISOLATE
•    2 x scoops DEXTROSE (have 3 scoops after quads & hamstring workout)


Before Bed:-

•    3 x ZMA tablets


HERO sessions favourites:-

•    IMPACT WHEY ISOLATE – Easily absorbed protein powder which is exactly what you want post workout to aid recovery and build lean muscle. It mixes really well with your morning oats and tastes great. My preferred flavour is vanilla!
•    CLA – An essential fatty acid that is clinically proven to that will help support muscle growth, reduce body fat and improve overall health. Taking the instructed amounts makes sure you are consuming enough fat over the day that are you are unable to get from whole food.
•    TOTAL NUTRI-GREENS – A blend of some of the most powerful antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables known to man. Antioxidants prevent cell and tissue damage by neutralising free radicals within the body. Each serving contains 22 superfoods that are essential in protecting your bodies overall health and protect you from illness.
•    ZMA – Taking these is a great way to relax your mind and muscles before you sleep. They will help free testosterone levels and help you sleep better – very important when trying to recover from the intensity of this program. You will need a deep sleep!
•    CREATINE MONOHYDRATE – Will increase power, strength and lean muscle growth. It will aid muscular contraction as your body will produce higher levels of ATP. This will particularly benefit you on the lower rep ranges of the HERO sessions program.

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