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Hard training will only get you so far. The HERO sessions program places a lot of stress on your body and if you do not eat enough food from the correct sources you will not grow muscle or burn fat. Your body will need adequate protein, carbohydrates and fats to recover properly and in turn grow. Energy levels must be kept high to maximise your performance and keep your metabolic rate high at all times. It’s simple, the harder you train the more you can eat!



The body needs carbs to function and are the body’s primary energy source. The majority included are complex carbs coming from sources such as oats, brown rice and sweet potato. This will avoid insulin spikes which can promote fat storage. I have included a lot of vegetables which keep you full, are high in fibre and contain minimal calories. Perfect when trying to get ripped.



You will be getting your protein from many different sources as each source carries different amino acid profiles. This is very important for hormonal balance, an active immune system and of course, crucial for building muscle. Your protein sources will be coming in the form of whole food through eggs, chicken, white fish, turkey breast, steak and salmon. You will take in liquid form with breakfast and post workout, both times of the day where protein needs to be absorbed a lot faster than whole food can digest.



Your essential fatty acids will come from nuts, whole eggs, steak, salmon, FLAX SEED POWDER, OMEGAS and CLA. They support the release of muscle building hormones and help break down bad fats. They will keep testosterone levels high which should be a priority if you want to increase strength, build muscle and support your general wellbeing. OMEGAS in particular will help control your heart and protect your joints.
Water levels must be kept high at all times, drinking at least of 5 litres per day. It will help transport nutrients around the body, plus keep your body and brain hydrated. Most of your body is made up of water so failing to drink enough will have a detrimental effect on your performance.



Meal 1 – breakfast  
•    100g oats (dry weight)
•    4  large egg white
•    8 x almonds
•    10 x blueberries
•    1 x scoop IMPACT WHEY ISOLATE
•    1 x teaspoon cinnamon
•    1 x teaspoon FLAX SEED POWDER

Supps after breakfast
•    2-3 x OMEGA 3-6-9  fish oil 1000mg tablets/gels
•    2 x CLA tablets
•    1 x 500mg Calcium/MAGNESIUM CITRATE
•    1 x L CARNITINE
•    1 x VITAMIN C tablet 1000mg

Meal 2 – mid morning
•    150g-170g white fish or turkey breast
•    125g cooked weight brown rice
•    100g  broccoli
•    2-3 x OMEGA 3-6-9 fish oil 1000mg tablets
•    2 x CLA tablets

Meal 3 – lunch
•    150g-170g Chicken breast
•    250g sweet potato
•    100g asparagus

Meal 4 – mid afternoon
•    150g-170g white fish or turkey breast
•    125g cooked weight brown rice
•    100g brocolli
•    2-3 x OMEGA 3-6-9 fish oil tablets 1000mg tablets
•    2 x CLA tablets

Meal 5 – evening
•    170g lean steak or salmon (non weights days replace with 150g-170g chicken breast)
•    250g sweet potato
•    150g Mixed salad
•    4 x large mushrooms

Meal 6 – before bed
•    4 whole eggs
•    8  almonds
•    ZMA tablets


•    Add small amount of spices or salt if desired and/or 1 x teaspoon mustard per meal
•    All meals should be consumed on both training and non training days


Analyze Body Changes

The quantity of food may vary for each person as we are all different. What will remain the same throughout the plan will be the percentage of protein, fat and supplements you have. If you have a fast metabolism then you may have to increase your carbohydrates, if you struggle to burn fat then reduce them slightly. Either way, you should only make small changes. Take pictures in the same lighting at the same time on a week to week basis and monitor how your body changes. Do not change any of the food sources, they have been specifically chosen for this program. If you want to build muscle and burn fat then you eat what I say! There are NO cheats at all, I love a take away as much as anyone but if you want maximum results there is no room for junk during the program. Stay committed and you will change more in 6 weeks than you have in the past 6 months!


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