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Odourless Garlic | What Are The Benefits?

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Written by Alex Simpson

Why Should I Consume Odourless Garlic?

For health, fitness, wellness, and athletic performance, providing you follow a relatively healthy lifestyle, carefully chosen supplements can be hugely beneficial for you. When we think of supplements, most of us tend to picture vitamins, minerals, and protein supplements used by athletes all over the world. Whilst these are indeed very popular, they are certainly not the only supplements that can do you a world of good. In terms of health and well-being, one ingredient, in particular, is vastly underrated and underappreciated, and that ingredient is garlic.


Whilst garlic is a delicious culinary ingredient, it also happens to be very healthy, which is why odourless garlic capsules are finally gaining the recognition they deserve, in terms of health benefits. If your daily supplement stack does not include odourless garlic, here are several reasons why you may wish to include it sooner rather than later.


Great For The Heart

Heart disease is actually the biggest killer in the entire world, which is primarily down to the fact that people are generally carrying more body fat, are leading sedentary lifestyles, and are eating and drinking the wrong foods. One great health benefit associated with odourless garlic supplements is the fact that they have been proven to provide benefits for the heart. Odourless garlic reduces blood pressure, it helps to reduce harmful LDL cholesterol, it prevents hardening of the arteries, plus it boosts circulation. What’s more, it even helps to reduce platelet stickiness within the blood, meaning that sticky platelets will be unable to clog the arteries.


Boosts The Immune System

Odourless garlic supplements are crammed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which have been proven to help strengthen and boost the immune system. The stronger a person’s immune system, the healthier they become as they will be far less likely to suffer from illness and disease. This is beneficial because not only will a strong immune system protect against common colds and other similar ailments, but you will also be protected against much more serious diseases, including various forms of cancer.

Odourless garlic possesses antibiotic properties which help the supplement to destroy all kinds of dangerous microbes and microorganisms within the body, resulting in a healthy, strong, and fully functioning immune system. In particular, odourless garlic is rich in vitamin C, selenium, manganese, and vitamin B6, which not only boost the immune system, but they also assist with the absorption of nutrients from other foods and supplements.


Great For Hyperthyroid Conditions

Another key benefit associated with odourless garlic supplements is the fact that they are great for treating hyperthyroid conditions. This is primarily down to the fact that odourless garlic is packed full of iodine.



Boosts Circulation


Poor circulation is not only responsible for a lack of oxygen and nutrient transportation, it can also cause sexual health issues as well, including impotence and a low sex drive. As odourless garlic acts as a vasodilator, however, and dilates the blood vessels, this allows them to widen and transport more oxygen and nutrient enriched blood around the body. This means that your cells get more energy and nutrients.


Garlic Assists With Digestive Health

Finally, the last reason why you may wish to seriously consider including odourless garlic as part of your everyday health regime is the fact that it assists with digestive health. Garlic possesses properties which can help to stimulate mucous membranes within the stomach, which in turn results in more gastric juices being produced, which are essential for healthy digestion. What’s more, odourless garlic also helps the liver to flush more toxins from the body, which can only be a good thing.

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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Liam Swithenbank

Liam Swithenbank

Writer and expert

Liam Swithenbank is our expert supplier quality assurance technologist. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a Master of Science degree in Nutrition, and his expertise now lie in specialist ingredients for sports nutrition products.

Liam’s academic research has involved investigating the effects of sodium bicarbonate on power output in elite rugby players, and also the effects of beetroot juice on VO2 max on a cohort of well-trained runners. For his postgraduate thesis, Liam investigated the effects of protein intake on lean tissue mass.

Liam’s experience spans from working in compliance and labelling to developing new products, for a number of large companies in the UK. Liam is a big believer in balance, and believes moderation is key to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Find out more about Liam’s experience here.

During his spare time Liam enjoys rock climbing, cycling and good food. Liam is a massive foodie and enjoys creating and developing new and exciting recipes in his home kitchen.

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