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5 Easy Ways To Make Meal Prep Cheaper

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Ben White

Whether you’re a student, just starting out or have been training for years, we all know that nutrition for muscle building can be expensive.

But it doesn't have to be, follow the simple tips below to stop your gains breaking the bank!

#1 Change your protein sources

  We all know that protein is the essential nutrient for muscular development and, unfortunately, we also know that it tends to be very expensive. However, there are ways to get the classic protein sources we know and love a lot cheaper.

Instead of cutting the amount of meat you're eating look at the cuts of meat you eat instead. An easy example of this is to swap chicken breast for chicken thighs. It's usually half the price of the fitness favourite and still packs the same protein punch per 100g.

This is the same with beef as well, swap the fillet steaks for braising steak instead, as long as you cook it correctly it's still great!

? As this method of cash counting usually results in the slightly tougher cuts of meat I recommend becoming good friends with the slow cooker.

? Make sure you take the skin off the chicken thighs to lower the fat content and then cook it nice and slowly for super succulent meat that won't empty your wallet.

#2 Price check


cheap meal prep loose vegetables

Now this may sound simple but when you buy fruit and vegetables it can be cheaper to actually buy these loose rather than pre-packed versions of the same thing.

Check the labels on the things you buy as you may find you are a lot better off buying products loose than in packets.

? It isn't going to save you a ton of money when you come to the tills, but every little helps.

#3 Buy frozen

  Buying frozen veg is usually cheaper than getting the fresh versions, and you may be surprised that the quality is not all that different.

The reason frozen veg is cheaper is because it's usually the smaller pickings that you wouldn't want to buy fresh, so supermarkets bag them up and freeze them.

Moreover, because it's smaller it doesn't mean you aren't getting the nutrients you need.

? Make sure you steam frozen veg to ensure you lock in the nutrients get the best out of this cheap veggie fix!

#4 Don't go shopping when you’re hungry


cheap meal prep ideas tips

When you’re hungry it's inevitable to focus on eating. We all know the fridge is our best friend when we’re getting hungry, so imagine the sort of things you will want to buy when you're in a giant room full of food.

The answer is everything and anything.

It's also the food that will not only break your diet and throw you off track, but also throw your shopping budget straight out the window.

? Make sure you've had a meal before you hit the shops to stop yourself buying all the enticing but unnecessary foods!

#5 Spice it up!

  When you are shopping on a budget this tends to mean the meals you eat are pretty basic, they work brilliantly and you get great results but they won't be exciting your taste buds any time soon.

This tends to cause problems with spending because when you get bored you want to switch it up and that can cause things to get expensive.

Spices, hot sauces and salsas aren't expensive but have the ability to turn a really boring meal into something much more interesting.

? Putting different spices onto your chicken will change the flavours and make everything taste a bit different from last week; this will stop your palate becoming bored and you inevitably spending more.

Take Home Message

  By shopping smart and doing your research you can get great results for a fraction of the price, you may not be eating Michelin quality food every night, but you'll pack on some 5 star muscle with a few quid to spare.

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