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Took me to Hades and back by jimmeny!

As a man who wanders the gymnasium in a semi-lucid stupor, riddled with the artifacts of other pre-workouts I have taken, I feared nothing could get my sweat glands pulsating again. Not eye of panda, platypus beak nor tiger winky. But then I noticed a container endorsed with the body of one of Zeus's own. Abs bigger than than the short one from the Krankies, yet slightly less bumpy. Arms vascular and visceral like Blanka from Streetfighter - I knew I needed this magic powder in my life and down my gullet. Experienced trainers need 2 scoops - I was only squatting 6 plates aside as it was my light day (I'd be up all night kicking foxes who were doing number ones on my petunias) so I thought I'd make do with two. MAMAMIA! I was squatting up and down more than Katie Price on a first date. FOCUS & INTENSITY? I found myself staring out a 5 year old child and then screaming at him 'you won't get big eating chocolate buttons kid - man up'. All in all this has restored my faith in pre-workouts. It won't make you as strong as me, it won't make you hard - it will make you pump like a MF, Fo Shizzel!
Goes Well With:
Intensity, a golden chalice, pimp cup

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Amazing energy

First day back at the gym thinking, this injury isn't quite 100% better yet. Long drive home...... MyProtein MyPre delived today.. hmmm. So i'm used to caffeine, I'd chew coffee beans I love coffee so much so I though, 3 scoops will do, it can't be more powerful than any other pre workout... WHAT THE HELL!!! Within 5 minutes of downing it I'm running around the house chasing my 4 year old like a blue tongued maniac. Hop in the car, drive to the gym. I was more alert than a London pigeon on red bull and doughnut scraps. Storm into the gym like a herd of wild children chasing an ice cream van and throw down for a session more epic than a Conan movie. Weight was easily up on pre injury loads. Intensity and rest times better. And as for the pump, it felt like I was going to burst like popcorn. Have to say, MyProtein has never failed me and yet again, they have scored BIG!

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gained 200 pound

kicked in quicker than expected, sat in work itching for 10 minutes waiting for 5pm. Considered quitting my job just to get to the gym and start throwing weights around, decided not to. power walked to the gym in record time. just about to step into the door and my girlfriend rang me, we argued, spilt up and now im atleast 200 pound sterling a month better off. rear delt raised too heavy and almost became a resident of snapcity all in all decent product

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Does the Job

As someone who tends to not bother with pre-workouts*, instead relying on making sure I've eaten well before hand and am in the right mood, I decided to try myPre since it was on offer and I thought it might help me push through on the days when I wasn't 'feeling it', was tiring or simply couldn't be bothered. I can happily say it has succeeded in all those objectives. - I tend to find with reviews that not enough detail is given, so I will try and be as explicit about my usage, side effects and training as possible. I normally train for 60-90 minutes between 6 and 8pm (afterwork) 4/5 days a week. I have tried varying the volumes from 0.5 to 2 scoops, and find that around 1.5 mixed with 300-400ml water is the ideal in terms of getting that training buzz and really pushing through workouts, whilst not affecting my sleep (I used to drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day but have cut this out now that I have the dose of caffeine from this Pre as I found myself getting quite lightheaded and never sleepy if I combined all these sources). My typical pre gym routine consists of a couple of scoops of Hurricane XS an hour and a half before training often with a banana or flapjack (for some texture) and then I have myPre half an hour before (I start lifting properly. I tend to feel the beta alanine tingles about 15-30mins after taking this, which ties in nicely to the end of my warm-up and this then tends to last for about the length of my session. Its not unpleasant, I just tend to think of it as proof that something is happening. My gym sessions have definitely improved, although this might be some placebo (and you feel you should be able to do more because of this Pre), such that I find myself able to work through my routines faster (less rest time) as well as heavier - everything you want from a Pre. I have also taken this a couple of times in the morning, upping the dose slightly, and this really does help me with morning training and waking me up. Mixing is fine, just make sure it is well shaken (no worse or better than any other products I have taken) and likewise the taste is palatable (I use mixed-berry and tend to just chug it in one so don't really care about the taste). The downsides are the pot size, it goes down quick, and finding the right serving size (I recommend slowly upping it from 0.5 scoops until you get it right). Would definitely recommend and will buy again. *This was after some testing with some strong versions and I found that I would either spend the gym session staring at myself in the mirror tensing, throwing dumbbells at imaginary birds or sitting on the loo.
Goes Well With:
Pretty much everything...

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Copy and paste Pre Jym

This product is okay, but is basically a weaker version of other products out there. The ingredients are very similar, but this product is under dosed compared to the dosage suggested as optimal through current research. Taking 2 scoops (32g) only gives you 3g of Citrulline Malate at 1:1 ratio. Current research suggests optimal dosage is between 6-10g at a 2:1 ratio. This is perhaps why some users are not quite getting the "pump" they are looking for. Another nitrous oxide booster pathway is obtained through Beta Vulgaris (beet extract) which has been left out of this product. The Beta-Alanine is perhaps the only ingredient that has not been under dosed at 3g per 32g serving. This is responsible for the tingles/paresthesia feeling on skin/face users have reported, which is perfectly safe, however, I have found taking more than 2g of beta-alanine at a time can make me personally feel uncomfortable. All in all not a bad product but there are better products out there at a similar or better cost per serving. The formulation is average at best and can be improved upon with a little more R&D
Goes Well With:
Drink plenty of water whilst exercising and consume a fast digesting carbohydrate source post workout (30g dextrose etc) for best results

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10 things you need to know...

What you need to know; 1) 1 scoop and you'll PR your dead lift. 2) 2 scoops and you wont be doing push ups anymore, you'll be pushing the world down. 3) Flavours are sour. Watermelon is great. Mixes fine. 4) Never 3 scoop. Ever. 5) The tingle feeling is Beta Alanine, it's harmless. There are some random ingredients in the blend but I have been taking the product for a few years with no side effects. 6) Timing is key. Too early and you'll know. 7) You'll never go back to Grenade/C4. They're not as good or as cheap. 8) You can overdo it and become 'dependant' on it. Wean yourself off gradually. 9) I've seen people use it across; bodybuilding, running, crossfit - all with success. 10) I'd recommend taking it in the morning or reducing your scoops if your workout is evening based.
Goes Well With:
Water. 400-500ml.

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What a buzz!

Went to the gym this morning and had my first myprotein pre workout...I bought blue raspberry and the smell and colour is amazing but taste is hidious but most p/w are, once you get past the taste then its great. within 15mins i started to feel slightly buzzing which is normal with my other pre workouts. 10mins later i approched traffic and then the full 200mg of caffine hit me like a ton of bricks and it was an amazing feeling, i felt motivated, very hyper and happy, i just had to get to the gym. My workout was amazing and very intense i had alot of energy, i went set, after set, after set with only 20secs rest and stormed my workout and even went heavier than usually. Now the pump haha the pump was like arnold would say "like cum*ing" really good pump my arms felt as though they would explode. by the time i was done i still had enough energy to go another hour; 4hours later and i sit here writing this review at super speed still feeling the energy and have not crashed yet. Amazing pre workout, ditch your last one and use this one its 10x better. One scoop was more than enough for me, trust me no matter how much of an expert you are with pre-workouts start on one scoop! 5stars!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goes Well With:
Water 200ml

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A new bar has been set

This is the best Pre work out I've ever had. Great taste, I've only had orange but i'm excited to try the other 6 flavours. I could feel the beta alanine kick in about 10 minutes after taking it, and by the time i reached the gym i was buzzing. Had one of the best sessions of my life. Great product
Goes Well With:
Sweat and Iron

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Ive had MYPRE twice now. First i had rasberry lemonade, id have to say the taste isnt that great but it mixes nicely, had no real problems with it. Then it came time to order my second load, Lemon & Lime....Big mistake. To be fair to it it does taste a lot nicer, easy going down. The problem is that it dyes everything it comes into contact with, gym bag has patches of yellow on the straps, clothes go yellow, mouth, you guessed it, same with my hands, no big deal really. My big problem is that this stuff gives you mad diarrhoea and it comes out green. wasnt playing around when i said it dyes everything it comes into contact with. All in all have some good sesh's with this bad boy. Not on the toilet though..
Goes Well With:
water and a toilet

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Avoid this product

My main concern with this product is the colourings used. I've had the Blue Raspberry which contains Brilliant Blue FCF. Give that a google and you will be horrified. All of the flavours seem to have awful colourings.

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