• Run And Become | Weight Training For Runners

    By Faye Reid | In Endurance, Training | on October 11, 2016

    Written by Jamie Bantleman Runners often come across many joint pain and muscle tears when competing or when training becomes intense. While weight training  for muscle gain or fat loss may not be at the top of the agenda of a runner, they will definitely see performance improvement when they are physically stronger.   Periodising […]

  • Written by Jamie Wykes   Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise Whilst any form of training will bare it’s advantages and disadvantages, the benefits of training with dumbbells cannot be ignored! Due to the simplicity of barbells and machines, dumbbells are often overlooked, however, below are some of the most common advantages of using dumbbells in the […]

  • The Importance Of Good Posture

    By Nina Chin | In Muscle Building, Training | on October 9, 2016

    Written by David Crowley   “Stop slouching!” “Sit up straight!” I’m sure we have all had this order thrown at us numerous times in the past but good posture is one of the fundamental building blocks of living a healthier life both inside and outside of the gym.     While studying to become a […]

  • 5 Principles Of Strength Training

    By Nina Chin | In Training | on October 9, 2016

    Written by Alex Simpson   If you’re looking to bulk up and increase your strength and power for the upcoming colder months ahead, both your diet and your training will need to be revaluated and adjusted accordingly in regards to your goals and targets. Whilst the warmer summer months are mainly about building lean muscle, […]

  • Snacking can be tough to get right, especially if you are trying to keep your calorie intake low. Snacks can be really beneficial to reaching your goals, especially if you choose ones that are a good source of protein and will help bridge the gap in between meals. Here are some go to snack ideas […]

  • Close Grip Bench Press | Technique

    By MR PROTEIN | In Muscle Building, Training, Uncategorized | on October 6, 2016

    Written by Jamie Wykes   All too often in the gym, triceps training is commonly associated with push-downs and other isolation movements, with little to no regard for muscle building compound movements. Compound movements are essential to training in terms of muscle growth in size and strength, calorie expenditure and hormonal response. There are so […]

  • The Perfect One Mile Run

    By Nina Chin | In Endurance, Training | on October 6, 2016

    Written by James Kuhlwilm   The one-mile run is often overlooked and underrated by runners, with many opting for 5km, 10km or longer instead. However, there are many benefits to running shorter distances. This training still requires strength and endurance, so has a high fat burning rate, including an excellent after-burn rate, but it is […]

  • Big Back Workout | Try This Lat Workout For Mass

    By Nina Chin | In Training | on October 6, 2016

    Written by Tom Prentice   The latissimus dorsi or more well known as the lats is a fundamental body part, if you’re wishing to create a perfect physique. To get thickness to your lats, it’s important to follow this workout if you’re looking to improve the size and strength of the lats.   Here is […]