• The Best Weight Training For Your Body Type

    By MR PROTEIN | In Training | on February 24, 2015

      By Myprotein Writer Paul Jowsey   Designing a work out plan for your fitness goals needs more consideration than just copying your athlete friend or that bodybuilding guy in the gym. Yes, most work out plans and splits can work for a wide variety of people but to truly reap the benefits it needs […]

  • RUGBY NUTRITION | Castleford Tigers: Ben Cooper

    By MR PROTEIN | In The Backroom, Training | on February 23, 2015

      BEN COOPER In his third year as Head Strength and Conditioning coach with Castleford Tigers, Ben Cooper is a very well-respected contributor to the Myprotein ‘The Backroom’ series. Ben himself has extensive experience of performing at the top level of the game, having played professional rugby league between 1996 and 2005, for Sheffield Eagles, […]


    By MR PROTEIN | In Men's Training, The Backroom | on February 16, 2015

      STEVE HAINES   Steve Haines is the Head of Strength and Conditioning at Derby County Football Club. Steve is proud to contribute to Myprotein’s ‘The Backroom’ series, giving you unparalleled access to the experts of elite sport in the UK.     To provide effective training for our players here at Derby County Football Club, […]

  • ENDURANCE | Marathon Training Rehydration

    By Laura Bowden | In Endurance, Training | on February 15, 2015

        Congratulations! You’ve made the immense decision to take part in a demanding, exciting and endurance-testing event that is a marathon! Your thoughts must be bombarded with training, organising the right kit, cleaning up your nutrition – you know, the typical aspects to consider for such an event. But what about marathon training rehydration? Is this […]

  • GYM EQUIPMENT: Rowing Machine Benefits |

    By MR PROTEIN | In Training | on February 12, 2015

    By Myprotein Writer Nathan Bell   Heading to the gym for a bit of cardio usually means jumping on the treadmill, spending a bit of time on the bike or setting 20 minutes on the Cross-trainer timer – but what about the dusty, forgotten machine that sits hiding in the corner? Yep – the rowing […]

  • Benefits of TRX in Sports training

    By MR PROTEIN | In Training | on February 6, 2015

     By Myprotein Writer Simon Dawes   The beauty of TRX is that it can be utilised by a broad spectrum of people. Its use for athletes and particularly rugby players cannot be understated. The demands placed on a rugby players body are rather unique in that they must strike a balance between being well muscled and […]

  •   By Myprotein Writer Sarah Curran   Failing to plan is planning to fail – this is definitely something I am a firm believer in. Although taking part in any exercise will improve your health and fitness levels, many of us need to ask ourselves if we’re training properly to reach specific goals. The idea of […]

  • By Myprotein Writer Callum Loundes   The chest muscles, (Pectoralis major) are arguably the favourite body part to train for most weightlifters in the gym. As well as adding overall ‘fullness’ to the upper body, the chest muscles also contribute to stabilisation of the shoulder joint – this is crucial to maintain a healthy posture! […]