Workout Supplements | What Should I Be Taking?

Written by Jamie Bantleman

Workout Supplements

Supplements can be used at three different points in and around your workout.


Phase 1 Supplementation: Pre-workout


Phase 2 Supplementation: Intra-workout


Phase 3 Supplementation: Post-workout




In the past, we have seen supplement companies ship out incredibly strong yet harmful pre-workout supplementation which has later been found to be banned by governing bodies proving that the concoction of ingredients showed to be extremely unhealthy. For this reason, it is sometimes a worry for those taking ‘pre-workout supplements’.


What are we looking for from a pre-workout supplementation?


» Cognitive enhancement: To get the best cognitive enhancement a dosage of caffeine is ideal. This can also help with fat loss and strength increase if you are using a dosage of 200-500mg. Myprotein’s MyPre has 400mg per serving.


» Improve ability to reduce lactic acid: Beta Alanine is a great supplement for this due to its ability to buffer acid in muscles, therefore increasing performance in the 60-240 second range, most commonly found in sets focusing on hypertrophy. This therefore, will aid the growth of lean muscle tissue. MyPre also includes 3g per serving.


» Increase Strength: Creatine Monohydrate is the perfect supplement to help increase strength due to its ability to rapidly produce energy to support cellular function. MyPre offers 1g of creatine per serving.


With the increased level of strength and cognitive enhancement, as well as, the ability to reduce lactate build up in the working muscle cells MyPre is the perfect pre-workout supplement for those wanting better performance in their session.




Intra-workout supplementation can vary from carbohydrate sources to amino acids to electrolytes depending on the goal and the phase of training you are in. Performance would also change depending on what sports nutrition you choose when training.


For bodybuilders/fitness athletes the body is more likely to benefit from a source of carbohydrates as the body is more likely to utilise the nutrient better than someone aiming for fat loss. When you are training at a high intensity you may find that glucose levels are depleted and that energy can decrease at fast rate. To avoid this problem and increase your level of training and performance you should use a source of carbohydrate. This will eventually lead to increased strength and therefore improve your body composition. Alongside 37g carbohydrates and a branch chained amino acid profile of 2:1:1, our amazing supplement PRO:LONG is a great supplement for your intra-workout phase of nutrition.


For those who are looking for fat loss it is very important to maintain lean muscle tissue to avoid catabolism and then further increase body fat. To do this, you must avoid a huge catabolic reaction when training. Although we will find that there will be some kind of a catabolic effect when training, minimising this would see great benefits. To do this, I would advise taking Myamino Energy. This is a supplement packed with amino acids, BCAAs and natural caffeine which will help improve both cognitive function and strength, therefore maintaining a high level of intensity throughout your session.


For those aiming for increased level of sporting performance we may look at both electrolytes and carbohydrates due to what is lost through sweat. An increased level of electrolytes will also aid prevention of muscular cramps and the carbohydrate content in your supplementation will work in the same way as it would for a bodybuilder or fitness athlete. It would simply reduce the effect of glucose depletion and maintain your high level of performance. Electrofuel will provide the body with 45g of carbohydrates as well as electrolytes through coconut water.




As a part of your post workout supplementation you should always look to have a source of protein. Whey protein has the fastest absorption rate of all types of protein therefore is recommended as the primary source post workout. Protein is a macronutrient that is needed for muscle cell repair and growth which clearly shows how necessary it really is. Alongside whey protein, intelligent use of carbohydrates is necessary due to it being a macronutrient that is key to replenishment.


Impact Whey Protein is the best protein source on the market for its high level of protein per scoop being 21g as well as 4.5g branch chained amino acids. Carbohydrate sources can include either maltodextrin or dextrose as the primary source in which will allow for replenishment post workout.


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