The Coach – June 2014 – 2nd Place


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In second place this month, we have Luke Hill…



Hey Coach,


I have been working out for a long time and not seeing much results, I have a fast metabolism, and struggle to put on weight. I am starting to get things right now and i am finally seeing some benefits but its still slow, I have only gained 4kg in the last 3 months.


I finally have the eating down, I am 90% sure I am eating the right stuff and enough of it so that’s all good, I am looking for some information on what shakes to take, when and if certain supplements can be taken too much.


I have been taking the following shake 3 times a day for the past few months:

    30g Impact Whey Protein

    5g Creatine

    5g BCAA


This has been working fine, but slowly


I received your Bulk Up Bundle today and want to start using this but i am not sure how much of each ingredient I should take, I have made a plan and was hoping you could let me know if this is good or bad and how i can improve it.


Morning Shake

    100g Total Gainer

    50g Instant Oats

    5g Creatine


Pre-workout Shake

    100g Total Gainer

    50g Instant Oats

    5g Taurine

    5g Creatine


Post-workout Shake

    100g Total Gainer

    5g Taurine

    5g Creatine


Before Bed Shake

    30g Milk Protein Smooth


I still have some of my Impact Whey Protein left, can i mix a bit off that in too or is that too much? Hope you can help. 







Hi Luke,


First of all I’d like to say well done on adding those 4 kilos. Even though you feel it has been slow progress, that is still a great achievement and slow progress is better than no progress. Every one reacts differently to training and as you’ve said, you have a fast metabolism, so it is very good that you have added good lean muscle and not decided to pile on weight for the sake of it, which would just lead to added fat.

With your fast metabolism, I’d suggest that you need to increase your daily calorie content by quite a large amount. You haven’t provided much information on your actual nutritional plan, but I’d suggest at your age and weight, you should be aiming for 4,000 clean calories a day, providing you are exercising and working out at least 4 times a week.

With regards to your supplementation, you are definitely on the right track. I wouldn’t change the quantities at all really. I would recommend adding in 5 grams of BCAA’s to each of those shakes and also adding in 5 grams of Glutamine into your pre and post workout shakes. Adding the Impact Whey Protein can be up to you, there’s no harm in adding it to any of your shakes or experimenting with taking that by itself at different times.

I would just emphasise that supplements are exactly as the name suggests, they are a supplement to, and not instead of a balanced nutritional diet. Try adding the minor changes into your supplement plan as mentioned above and make sure you are still getting the majority of your calories from whole food sources such as eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, nuts, seeds, brown rice, sweet potato and fruit and veg. Combing the supplements with a solid meal plan should provide you with the results you’re after.


All the best




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