The Best Supplements To Take During Summer

Written by Dan Rayner

 Summer Supplements

With the summer fast approaching, a lot of questions come up about “what are the best supplements to take during this time of the year? Anything in particular? Should we just stick to what we’ve been using”? Well, there’s a few supplements you may want to consider over this holiday period. Let’s explore the options.


#1 Vitamin & Multivitamin Tablets


Vitamins A and E – These two popular vitamins can help protect your skin from sun damage. Let’s be honest, there’s a few of us that will spend way too long in the sun this summer and this can lead to several consequences such as skin damage, heat rashes and sun stroke. Even though we have the obvious protectors such as sunscreen, plenty of water to stay hydrated and plenty of shade, vitamin A and E can also contribute to skin protection.


Vitamin A plays the role in the body which helps maintain healthy bones, healthy soft tissue and healthy skin. Vitamin E is a lipid-soluble antioxidant, meaning it can easily penetrate the skin cells membranes. Giving us that little bit of extra protection from the sun. Of course, don’t rely solely on your daily dose of vitamins. Plenty of sunscreen and shade too!


Vitamin C and D – Surprised by this one getting a mention? Whereas it’s true that our vitamin D intake will naturally get higher due to more sun exposure, however, vitamin C can also contribute in helping your body deal with sun exposure better.

#2 Protein


The most common supplement of all, protein powder. Just because we enter a new season does not mean we need to neglect our protein intake. In fact, if anything it may get higher. With the sun shining, the BBQ tends to come out. After all, there’s nothing like chilling on a beach during a hot summers day with barbeque smells surrounding us.


However, we still need to keep on top of our protein intake throughout the whole day, to ensure muscle repair and muscle recovery! Aim for 1g per pound of body weight. That will cover you and ensure your body stays protected from any muscle breakdown.


#3 Water


Even though water would not be classed as a supplement. I still feel it’s vital that I mention the importance of it during this article. Dehydration is a lot more common during the summer months. We sweat more so we lose higher amounts of fluid, simple. Meaning we are losing more water compared to the colder months! It’s critical that we top up our systems from the fluid we’ve lost!


I wanted to mention this as I know there’s a few of us who don’t like the flavour of water. Some people just find it boring and way too bland, therefore, neglect it. However, with a couple of key supplements now available such as FlavDrops and water enhancers, there’s now no excuse not to stay on top of your fluid intake. A squirt or two of these flavoursome supplements and you will soon be well on your way to staying hydrated.

#4 Omega 3/Omega 3,6,9


Want healthy glowing skin this summer? Then omega supplements could be for you. The role of healthy fats can vary from nail growth, hair protection and healthy skin. That’s why these days you see a lot of adverts and health advertisements suggesting foods such as avocados, almond nuts, walnuts, coconut oils and flax seeds. They play a massive role in helping your body’s health!


Inadequate omega 3 intakes will have a big effect on the condition of your skin. Such as dryness, flaking and dehydration. Not something you want during the summer months! Nourish your skin and keep it as healthy as possible by consuming these omegas daily. If you feel you aren’t getting enough healthy fats into your system, or you simply don’t like the foods above, then you can easily supplement alongside your nutrition this summer with omega tablets.



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Faye Reid

Faye Reid

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