Supplement Shopping on a Student Budget

Supplements for Students: Supplement Shopping on a Student Budget!

Whether you’re a student or just on a budget, when it comes to supplement shopping it can be a bit of a price minefield, how do you know you’re getting the most for your money and also, if what you want to buy is a necessity or a luxury product. I’m going to list below the best supps in terms of money and necessity. All prices are pre sale and pre discount.

1. Impact Whey Protein

An essential for anyone who’s into fitness, this is our all rounder protein and ticks most boxes. Your best bet here is to buy the maximum weight as it is the cheapest gram for gram. For unflavoured whey at 5kgs, you’re looking at £46.79 (That’s 23p per 20g of protein!) and for Flavoured 5kgs, it’s £57.19 (That’s 28p per 20g of protein!!).

apple peanut butter

Peanut Butter

Our all natural peanut butter is an extremely popular product on our site and as it’s a healthy fats source, it is higher in calories than protein and carbs per gram, thus making it calorically cheaper than a lot of other products! At £5.99 for a 1kg tub (which will last you ages…well, most people!) it’s perfect for any diet!

Instant Oats

A low GI carb source that’s high in micronutrients and fibre and very easy to add to shakes, this is perfect to go with the above 2 products and can help in so many ways on a healthy diet! It can also help when you need to make up some calories in your day. It’s £9.99 for a 5kg bag! And also comes in multiple flavours too.


For many people, this is considered a staple of a diet and can be extremely useful for peri-workout nutrition and especially useful for those who intermittent fast. Our unflavoured 1kg bag is £34.99 and will be 200 servings!

Myprotein Blender Bottle

Everyone needs one of these! Especially if you have left it a couple hours before washing it after your last protein shake…most of you will know what I mean! It’s £1.99 for a shaker and is incredibly versatile!

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