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Active Women Collagen Beauty Shot

The health and beauty market is awash with lotions and potions promising to delay the onset of ageing. It’s time to turn the clocks back, ladies! Say goodbye to Botox and hello to collagen, a skin-friendly protein which helps replenish your skin, plump appearance and reduce the appearance of fine lines without the dreaded fear and pain. Whether it’s laughter lines, frown lines or crow’s feet, Myprotein’s Collagen Beauty Shot allows you to sip your way to youthful skin.


Why Should We Consume Liquid Collagen?


Unfortunately, as we age our collagen levels decrease in the skin, so how can we prevent the inevitable? The answer: collagen. Collagen supports the skin’s structure, preventing wrinkles and creases and can often be applied to the skin via cosmetic procedures, but surely there’s a way around this painful experience? Delaying the ageing process has never been so easy, with Liquid Collagen Skin supplements, we can help replace lost collagen, keeping our skin smooth, firm and glowing from the inside out.

How Does Collagen Beauty Shot Work?


Liquid collagen supplements help boost the body’s natural collagen production and replenish the collagen you lose during the ageing process. Pain-free, super-tasty and perfect for on-the-go, Myprotein’s Collagen Beauty Shot helps:


✓ Erase fine lines and wrinkles

✓ Improves hair and nail health

✓ Supports connective tissue and joint health

✓ Delays the onset of ageing


How long will it take to see results?


Time is a healer, they say. The amount of time it takes an individual to see results after taking Collagen Beauty Shot will vary, and like most supplements, this is not an overnight miracle. Myprotein suggests consuming collagen supplementation for at least 4 weeks. If a collagen supplementation (liquid form) is poorly absorbed, it will have no effect. That’s why my Myprotein has designed a powerful potion, containing 5000mg collagen per shot, using only the highest quality ingredients to help you spring back into youth in no time.


With collagen being essential for healthy skin and fighting the signs or ageing, this vital protein has never been so popular. Avoid the cosmetic surgeon, watch the pennies and be ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ with our Active Women’s Collagen Beauty Shot, 1 per day keeps the consultant at bay.

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