Top Tops For Competing In A Fitness Modelling Show

Written by Dan Rayner

Looking To Compete In A Fitness Modelling Show?

Is this the year you’ve decided to step on stage? Test how much willpower you have, how much dedication you can give and how hard you can push your body? I admire anyone who wants to take to a stage and compete in a fitness modelling show! So, here are my top tips on how to approach it.


Give it your full attention because this is all or nothing and is a very serious game. You cannot go into this half-heartedly and expect results. Are you ready for the in-depth nutrition, the endless hours of meal prepping, the big workouts on a calorie deficit, and the possibility of really early mornings and very late nights? You need to fully understand what a competition prep requires!

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Meal prep is an essential part, if not the most important factor of your journey. At some point, it’s something that needs to be done! This could mean prepping at 5am before a long day at work or prepping at 11pm after a big gym session, practising your posing routine and a little family time! My advice would be to cook in bulk. If you can prepare 2-3 days worth of meals then do it. Some of you will have families and a very demanding job that involves long hours. So, if you get the chance, prep as much as you can!


Your workouts are going to get more intense and your energy level is going to drop. The calorie deficit will affect your energy levels towards the end of the prep. My advice would be to ensure you’re fuelling your body correctly. Consume the bulk of your carbohydrates and calories around your workout times to give you enough energy to complete your sessions.


Ensure you’re getting plenty of fluids on board to stay hydrated and perhaps invest in a good pre-workout supplement to give you that extra caffeine kick. This could also give you a positive ‘placebo effect’. Eventually, you will get to the point where you need to try everything and anything to keep yourself motivated.

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Choosing the right federation and category for your body type and look is critical! If you’re an aspiring fitness model and decide to enter a bodybuilding category, then that wouldn’t be the wisest move. Consider what the federation and category require. Such as muscle tone, symmetry, size, body fat and overall healthy look. Where does your body type fit in? Have you got the muscle mass? Can you get lean enough? Ask yourself these questions before registering for a show!


Focus on yourself. This can be a very selfish journey, and at times it’s going to have to be. Don’t worry about the other people you’ll be competing against, what nutrition they’re following and what training regime they’re on. If you’re not careful your mind can take over and start to play games with you. Remember you are the most important person on this journey.


Take all the support you can get because it’s going to be an emotional and tiring journey. Knowing you have friends and family supporting you means that you’re not just doing this for yourself, but for them as well. Seeing their proud faces during your journey can give you the motivation needed during a hard time in your prep. At times, you’re going to get grumpy, snappy, tired, moody and every other emotion you can think of. If someone offers you support in any way they can, my advice would be – take it!


Lastly, make sure you enjoy the moment on stage and take it all in! You’ve put your body through absolute hell for possibly 16-20 weeks. So when the time comes make the most of it! You might never get this chance again, so remember to smile and be proud to show people what you have worked so hard for over the past few months.


Stepping on the stage is an achievement in itself and I promise you now, you’ll never beat the buzz and the feeling of competing. It can be a confidence builder, a life changer and one of the best experiences of your entire life! Good luck on your competition journey!

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