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Written by Akesha Smith

A Balanced Diet

Having a healthy balanced diet does not have to be boring. There is more to a healthy eating lifestyle than plain old salad leaves. People hear the word diet and automatically think the food is plain and tasteless and run for the hills. Changing your diet can be tough, as your body will naturally crave the bad foods you have been eating.


However, the endless benefits of having a healthier diet is too promising to ignore, from feeling good on the inside to then radiating that on the outside. By having a well-balanced diet, it provides the body with the right minerals, nutrients and vitamins to keep the mind and body healthy, and strong physically and mentally. A balanced diet also keeps a healthy body weight and maintains it.

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The journey for a healthier diet is no walk in the park and is not for those who can not commit. It takes dedication and discipline to ignore the cravings and the urges for the foods that do not offer your body what it needs. Learning how to portion control your food and to eat when you are hungry, and not just when you are bored can be a long and hard process to endure.


The body needs specific nutrients in order to work and function to be able to perform the activities in your daily life. By continuously ignoring the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet you are starving the body of what it needs, which can then lead you to face health problems later on in life.

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A balanced diet requires a mixture of whole foods, by providing your body with such foods it then makes it easier to control and maintain a healthy body weight. Those who are looking to lose weight should include necessary foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables to their diet with a side of smaller portions of dairy and meat products. This gives less room for processed foods which are high in sugars and fat to expand and sit on your belly or waistline.


A healthy diet is also essential to your immune system, it ensures that nutrients, vitamins and minerals work and function efficiently in your body. Even having a small decrease in vital vitamins like vitamin C, Iron and Zinc can disrupt the way the immune system works. Having a balanced diet is essential for the body, as it not only maintains bodily functions but also maintains fighting off germs. Keeping the immune system strong through your diet reduces your chances of illness, it also has an effect on the vascular function which is quite strong. This is indeed important for the immune system as it is dependent on blood flow.


Many people here the word diet and automatically think of salads. Salads are nutritionally good however, a person cannot live off just salad leaves as they are low in calories. In order for the body to carry on functioning correctly, especially if you are involved in any form of activity your body needs the right amount of calories to provide the energy required to complete your activity to its full potential.


“Salads are good but it is in my opinion not always a necessity…having unrefined foods such a vegetables adds variety and it makes sure you get all the nutrients required”. In terms of energy levels, salads are quite low and would have an undesired effect throughout your day whether you are taking part in a sport or not.


A good place to start with your balanced diet is to have variety. Variety is the key that keeps you on your balanced diet. People who fall into a plain diet, with repetitive foods each day are more likely to cave into their urges. However, if you give your palate fresh new and nutritional ingredients that you enjoy, you will find it a lot easier to maintain your new diet. “The key to any balanced diet is making sure it is balanced, which means you can treat yourself but within reason…”. A balanced diet which has a variety of fresh whole foods provides a good source of nutrients, which in turn enhances your body to function properly.



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