Why You Need Superfoods In Your Diet | Benefits Of Fruit & Veg Blends

Fruit and veg blends are a growing trend within the fitness industry, and for good reason! They are brilliant supplements that are ideal for increasing your intake of many vitamins and minerals in a simple, tasty and effective way.

With summer approaching, fruit and veg blends are ideal for adding to smoothies, shakes and recipes. With this in mind, Myprotein have created a combination of convenient blends to pack goodness into your diet. Here are some of our newest fruit and vegetable blended powders – and just a few benefits of each!

Total Nutri Greens

Total-Nutri Greens are packed full of 22 amazing superfood extracts. As a natural source of vitamin C, vitamin B12 and vitamin K, these greens are a perfect way of increasing your intake of several micronutrients which are often forgotten about.

 Vitamin C – Cholesterol

Studies suggest that Vitamin C can improve the conversion of bad cholesterol (LDL) into bile salts, which are then simply extracted from the body. This process is said to reduce cholesterol levels.

Vitamin C may also help to improve your skin, clearing up blemishes. It is for this reason that vitamin C is often used in many cosmetic and beauty products.

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✓ Vitamin K – Weight Loss

Total Nutri Greens contain healthy levels of vitamin K. Vitamin K improves insulin sensitivity, a powerful hormone which when released signals your body to hold on to and store fat.

By improving your sensitivity to the hormone, you do not need to product as much and thus your body does not get the signal to store as much fat, aiding weight loss. What’s more, the green tea extract may help to turn your body into a fat-burning furnace.

The vitamin K, along with vitamin C in Total-Nutri Greens plays a part in improving the function of your immune system, as well as digestive system.

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✓ Vitamin B12 – Reduced Fatigue 

Vitamin B12 contributes towards reducing your tiredness and fatigue, especially after intense exercise such as weight lifting or distance running. This allows you to recover quicker and thus perform greater the next time you complete that exercise again.

Vitamin B12 also helps to ensure that your body’s metabolism stays within a healthy range and thus stops you from yo-yoing in weight, as well as stopping from your metabolism crashing if you are to follow a low-calorie diet.

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Nutri Purples Veg Blend

Containing 6 fantastic vegetable extracts, this blend is perfect for someone who often does not incorporate as many vegetables into their diet as they should.

✓ Purple Asparagus – Immune Function

The purple asparagus in this veg blend has many health benefits, such as the ability to assist the function of your immune system. This is because it is rich in protein, as well as potassium and vitamin A, C and K. What’s more, the aronia berry extract in this powder has many extraordinary benefits when it comes to your immune function and thus it has been used in Potawatomi Indian medicines for years.

Purple asparagus contains phytoestrogens, which help to keep oestrogen levels at a healthy point – which studies suggest can reduce your risk of osteoporosis as well as other heart diseases. Furthermore, it contains folate, which is vital for heart health.purple asparagus

✓ Antioxidant Ingredients – Mop Up Toxins

Due to being so rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids, supplementing the combination of ingredients in Nutri-Purpl
es Veg Blend could be exactly what you need to fight off free radicals which can damage cells and potentially cause chronic illnesses.

✓ Aronia Berry Extract – Fibre

This powder contains healthy amounts of aronia berry extract, a powerful superfood which is somewhat under the radar. It contains fibre, meaning that is helps to promote healthy bowel movements. Moreover, the powder contains an active ingredient known as DigeZyme, which contains many digestive enzymes that promote healthy digestion.

✓ Bioperin – Energy Levels

Bioperin generates lots of energy on a cellular level through a process known as thermogenesis – and as a byproduct, this may help to contribute to weight loss, as well as ensuring you have sufficient energy levels to function throughout the day and perform well during exercise.

Nutri Purples Fruit Blend

With 7 brilliant purple superfood extracts, this powder boasts many great benefits when it comes to aiding your health.

 High in Antioxidants

This purples blend contains blueberry powder – of which blueberries are known for containing antioxidants. Health benefits include freeing radicals which would otherwise cause cellular damage that could lead to chronic illnesses.Anthocyanin berries

✓ Acai Berries – Digestion, Energy, Weight Loss 

Studies have suggested that acai berries can promote weight loss and reduce the negative effects of a high fat diet, though this doesn’t give you an excuse to eat unhealthy food!

Acai berry extract contains healthy levels of fibre, which helps aids digestion. Moreover, the fruit blend contains an ingredient known as DigiZyme, that contains many of the essential enzymes that are used during digestion.

This powder may also provide an energy boost, as studies suggest acai berry powder leads to increased levels of energy and stamina.

Total Nutri Reds

The total nutri reds powder is packed full of the nourishment of 12 fantastic red superfood extracts which help to contribute to and improve your overall health and wellbeing in various ways.

 PerforMelon for Recoverycherry extract

The reds blend contains an ingredient known as PerforMelon, which is a fine watermelon powder created to improve recovery rates and reducing muscle soreness in athletes.

 Beetroot Extract for Blood Pressure

The reds blend also contains beetroot extract, of which studies suggest it could help to reduce blood pressure. If achieved, this process may prevent the formation of an atheroma in the arteries which in turn reduces your chances of suffering from a cardiovascular related diseases.

✓ DigeZyme for Digestion

The active ingredient DigeZyme contains essential enzymes that are required during digestion. This can help the process to run smoothly and ensures you absorb all of the key nutrients out of the food you eat.

Take Home Message

Superfoods are incredible additions to your diet – and unfortunately, many of them are missed out of daily diets.

Try a compact blend in smoothies and shakes for a nutritional boost!



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