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Written by Akesha Smith

January Blues: How To Deal With Them

The festive season has ended. The days are shorter and the nights seem quieter. Welcome to the January Blues!


This is the time when we reflect on all the things we indulged in during the holidays and wished we had not consumed so much! The time we avoid our scales because like our bank accounts we won’t be happy with the numbers we see! The month of January always has a slight gloom and doom about it. Christmas is over, everyone goes back to their normal day to day lives, your clothes are feeling tighter and your bank accounts are so sad that you don’t even dare to look at the tempting January sales!

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How can we break out of this traditional January Blues mood? Well, that’s easy enough, get back to the gym and switch to your diet mode, because when you look good you always feel good! Now, I know what you’re thinking, it is a lot easier said than done, but this is where Myprotein comes in to help! MyProtein recently launched the Myprotein Active Women range to help us all. For those who may have slipped up a little on our diets throughout the Christmas period, Myprotein is here to get us back on track!


Within the new Active Women’s collection, they have created products ranging from Protein Desserts to Diet Capsules and Collagen with Coconut and Vitamin C Capsules. They even have sweet treats such as their Peanut Butter wafers, which I have had the privilege of trying, and I must say, if you have a sweet tooth like me, these are the perfect snacks to keep your sugar urges at bay!


The Protein Desserts are also a great alternative to puddings and yoghurts! You can enjoy this sweet treat in a number of flavours, the only problem you may have is which flavour you pick first! January is always a cold and bitter month, which always takes its toll on our skin! Rest assured Myprotein Collagen with Coconut and Vitamin C is the answer. It is perfect for keeping your skin looking fresh and soft, you’ll have everyone wondering what your secret is!

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The Active Women’s Range also offers Pre-workouts in numerous flavours such as Apple and Pear, which is my personal favourite. These Pre-workouts are just what you need to give you a boost in your workouts! The Pre-Workouts contain a substantial amount of caffeine in them so it gives you just the right amount without keeping you up all night.


If you’re trying to lose your Christmas fat and get rid of your muffin tops, the MyProtein Active Women’s Range is the perfect place to kick start your nutrition and healthy diet! The festive season has left and said goodbye to us for another year, let’s do the same and say goodbye to our muffin tops. The year of 2017 has started and so has the new and motivated you.

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Faye Reid

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