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Written by Louise Carter

Keep Your Lean Body

The Three Musketeers


In an upcoming world where many people’s ripped physiques are all over the internet and are easily accessible on social media sites, do you ever wonder how they do it? AND keep up with it? Well with the right education and coaching you can be pointed in the correct direction…. There are three main components which individually play important parts to keeping a lean healthy body and I like to call these ‘the three musketeers’ they are: 1. Diet 2. Supplementation 3. Training.


It is hard to know what and how much to believe when you can read so many variations of these three specific fields everywhere all over the internet… But when reading articles on the internet it is so important that you are reading genuine pieces of information which you can enjoy and benefit from. To keep things short and sweet this article will explain the ways in which you can lead a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of a good diet, supplementation and training and how all three can work harmoniously together in your specific training programme.

When we hear the word ‘diet’ people tend to switch off (I know I do anyway), people tend to associate the word diet with boring dull foods, calorie deficits and air. WRONG! Dieting is a big no-no! But however if you are serious about your training programme then you want to know that what you’re putting in will give you optimal results. Eating clean doesn’t have to be boring there are many ways to keep it interesting. I would say that diet is the No. 1 culprit out of the three musketeers which always leads to disappointment, then leaves you wondering ‘what on Earth am I doing wrong?’ below are a few simple steps to keeping it clean in the kitchen.

Bye-bye Terry’s Chocolate Orange


Throw away any temptations in your fridge or cupboards. Having treats stored away gives you ‘food for thought’ and I don’t mean the good stuff… I always say if it is out of sight, then it is out of mind. This should keep you on track when getting those pesky late night cravings also if it is not there then you cannot eat it.


Hello Fresh Fruit & Veg


Always remember to keep your fridge stocked up with fresh vegetables and fresh lean meats. This way you will not be tempted to be lazy with your food. You may have to do a few more shop runs but don’t let that put you off of your gains in the gym.

Tupperware Party


That’s correct, so how about inviting some new Tupperware boxes into your cupboards at home. Meal prep is the best thing that could have happened. Plan your meals prior to making them and on a Sunday afternoon when you have time, make your meals for the upcoming week. This will keep you on track so that you have always got your meals ready and with you which knocks off the idea of getting something on the go, leading to unhealthy, calorific meals which set you back in the gym.

tupper ware meal prep

No don’t do it!


We’ve all been there when we have picked up that chocolate bar and eaten it despite that fact we know we shouldn’t have. Like I said keeping it clean doesn’t have to be boring there are great snack products which you can find on the MYPROTEIN website. My personal favourite is the MYPROTEIN chocolate orange pulse bars, these are great for when you are on the go and as a pre workout.



The second musketeer is training, this without a doubt is second most important component of them all. Next to diet if you are not willing to put in the hard graft at the gym then you can’t expect great results. When it comes to training make sure you use a training programme which is suitable to you and your body type. Here are the three body types:


Ectomorph – typically has slim build, long limbs, and very small joints e.g. wrists. Has narrow hips and tends to have low body fat stores.


Mesomorph – typically has a slender build, thin joints and a small waist, tends to have medium body fat stores.


Endomorph – typically has a fuller build, wider joints, shorter limbs, wider hips and tends to have high body fat stores.


Some people find it harder than others to burn fat and this is all down to your genetic makeup and body type. Different training styles are suitable for different body types. For example a suitable training programme for an endomorph would be to use a HIIT training style as it uses shorts burst of energy which targets burning fat stores.

runners training



Last but not least the third and final musketeer, supplements, are a widely talked about subject and work graciously with diet and training when used in the right way in the right quantity. ‘But how do I know which supplements to take?’ You do not have to take any supplements it is your personal choice but from my personal experience I think that supplementation is a great way to enhance your training program and optimise your results. Regarding the question of ‘what shall I take?’ you can take just about any supplement you like but remember that when you are choosing supplements to read up about them first and that they are suitable to your needs either pre, during or post workout.


Myprotein do almost every supplement I know, they provide a wide range of variety and that is why I love using Myprotein products. Supplements can be tied in with your diet very well, especially Impact Whey protein shakes which provide maintenance and recovery to you muscles after a hard work out. Another great supplement to take are the daily vitamins, these are a great way of ensuring your daily requirements of minerals and vitamins have been met all in one capsule.

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Faye Reid

Faye Reid

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